come here often? (the jimbo’s edition)

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side note: sometimes i come up with what i think is a catchy post-title and then i think, hmm, that sounds oddly familiar, i bet i’ve used it before and totally thought it was clever back then, too. so then i have to use the search feature on my own blog and see if i have, in fact, used the same title in months past and sure enough i usually find that i’m not as original as i think because there’s usually already a post with said title. this is precisely one of those times.

apparently i used this title to describe a story highlighting my habitual visits to edamami, the delicious sushi restaurant in del mar. so i have to clarify that this particular “come here often” story is about jimbo’s, the health food store in the forum in carlsbad. anyway, let me paint the scene.

[wanders into the store for a few essentials -some make-your-own almond butter, tofu, ketchup, a banana. proceeds to check-out, and action]

jimbo’s clerk: hey, don’t i know you from somewhere?

me: yes, probably from here.

jc: ah yes, you do demos right? (sometimes jimbo’s hosts reps from local businesses so they have exposure to the regular jimbo’s clientele)

me: no, actually, i just shop here. a LOT.

jc: oh yeah, that’s right.


i mean, part of me thinks he was just trying to be nice to throw in the “you do demos, right?” comment because we both know that the real reason for my facial recognition is my almost daily visits to the fine establishment for their heavenly and completely addicting sesame tofu drops. so you know, let’s just call a spade a spade here.

anyway, it made me laugh. i suppose it’s nice to be noticed, even if it’s to subtly call you out on your apparent tofu addiction.

i wish i looked this cute while grocery shopping.

i wish i looked this cute while grocery shopping.


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