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so every year or so my momma and i try to plan a girls’ weekend away. despite the fact that we live a mere 12 minutes from each other, you’d be surprised by how difficult it can be coordinating our schedules (mostly for the fact that my parents have a very rigorous social calendar). anyway, the stars somehow aligned this season and october 25th-27th stood out, like a blank canvas of which to paint some weekend plans. oh hey opportunity, we’re gonna go ahead and seize you, mmk? so i got friday off from work and the planning wheels started turning. “how about santa barbara?” she asked. “absolutely!” i answered. far enough away to feel like an actual vacation, but close enough that no planes or trains or time changes would get in the way.

we’re staying at a delightful little b&b near state street and plan on taking full advantage of all of the things this little downtown has to offer. most notably: bike rides along the pier, eating here, here and possibly here, shopping, and then more shopping, wine tasting (or one-sipping in my case, let’s be honest, i have the alcohol tolerance of a flea) and maybe even hiking along one of the nearby trails.

in a very uncharacteristic move for us (both type A planners with a love for mapped-out agendas) we’re giving ourselves freedom to come and go as we please. we’ll be, SHOCKER, playing most of the weekend by ear  -going with what we feel like doing as we feel like doing it. i mean, that will probably last about 10 minutes, but you know, it’s fun to go in thinking that we can be “easy, breezy (cover girls) and spontaneous” gals.

but scheduling or spontaneity aside, i’m just really excited to have three uninterrupted days with my best friend in the world. my mom has already informed me that she’s very excited to instagram shots throughout the weekend, so if you’d like to follow us, by all means: @shawnaleeann. if not, you can wait for a full recap upon our return.

have a wonderful weekend, loves! if you need me, i’ll be gallivanting the streets of santa barbara with my “sister” (she loves that).

image via: pinterest

image via: pinterest


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