third time’s a (southern) charm

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they say third time’s a charm and i can’t help but to agree because it’ll certainly be charming to land in nashville this evening for my third, count it, third visit this year.

[okay, technically it’s my fourth time visiting, but the september trip was for work, so i’m counting this trip as my third visit for “play.” plus, i really love the title that i came up with for this post, so i didn’t want to change it.]

aside from the obvious excitement over the fact that i get to spend the entire weekend with B, i am very much looking forward to taking in the fall foliage and the fall-like temperatures that nash is currently boasting this time of year. i’m also looking forward to BBQ and football and frothy monkey cappuccinos and country music on every station and maybe even a visit to the green hills starbucks to see my barista boyfriend. people ask me why i love nasvhille so much and sometimes i have a hard time quantifying precisely what it is about this southern city that has me so smitten. i mean, sure it’s home to one of my best friends, so duh, of course i like it on that reason alone. but more than that, i love stepping off the plane and hearing tim mcgraw’s voice over the loudspeaker in the airport as he welcomes out-of-town visitors to music city, usa. i love the abundance of trees and brick buildings and front porches as we meander in and out of the neighborhood roads. i love just how dang nice people are and how southern style (for both males and females) is the perfect combination of hipster and prep. i love the food, plain and simple. and the fact that they have a trader joe’s, whole foods, and chipotle all within a five mile radius of each other. i love how even after now after five visits, B still finds new places to take me to and new restaurants to eat at. and i love how when one of B’s friends sees me, she greets me with a big hug and the words, “welcome home.” i love this city and i’m so excited to spend the next four days within its city borders.

so with that said, i hope y’all have a wonderful weekend. as always, if you’re interested in following our weekend shenanigans, follow me on the ‘gram @shawnaleeann. if not, full recap to come when i’m back next week!

cowboy boots at airport

love & cowboy boots,


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