thirty days of thankfulness: 11/22/13

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it may be in suburbia and removed from the happenings of my day to day routine, but i wouldn’t trade my little condo for anything in the world (okay, maybe for a beach bungalow west of the 5). sure it smells like a strange combination of vanilla and roasted vegetables, probably needs a good vacuuming, and i know those unfilled picture frames are begging to be filled with something more exciting than random swedish words from ikea, but despite its haphazardness, it is mine (and my parents, let’s be clear). it’s a little piece of the life i’m creating for myself as a twentysomething single gal and it reminds me that while i may look 18, i am in reality ten years her senior and real live adult -a condo-owning, mortgage-paying, responsible for HOA dues and property taxes adult. and as terrifying as it is, it is also pretty darn awesome.

so today i’m thankful for my condo. for this 1100 square feet plot of real estate i am blessed to call my home. i am thankful for its pastel-colored walls, and vaulted ceilings and for a lot of useful closet space. i am grateful to have shared this space with a couple of my favorite humans and i am just as grateful to have fostered this place on my own. this house on the hill behind the gates of suburbia is my sanctuary. and despite its distance from the coast, after almost six and a half years, i’m still so darn thankful to come home to it every night.

image via: darling magazine.

image via: darling magazine.


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