thirty days of thankfulness: 11/23/13

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i realize that making the following statement may be grounds for san diego-citizenship revocation, but if we’re really being honest, i think i prefer the mountains/lakes to the coast. i know, it seems strange given the fact that i’ve lived no more than 10 miles to the shore my entire life (#firstworldproblems), but there’s something about the trees and the fresh air and the earthiness of being up in higher elevation that just gets me.

but if i had to find an exception to the rule, it would be the humble stretch of land that links downtown encinitas to the tip of cardiff –the stretch of land better known by the locals as “swami’s.” a skinny strip of real estate, it barely allows for two people to walk side by side, but despite its petite stature, it packs a big punch. just one look to the west and it’s clear why this trail is filled with more people than the line at starbuck’s on a sunday morning. it’s where the shore meets small town suburbia. and maybe second only to trader joe’s, it is my happy place.

so today i’m thankful for the swami’s walk in cardiff-by-the-sea. for how many heart-to hearts its been the setting for and how many times it has allowed me to stop, breathe, and just be. i am thankful for its picturesque views and refreshing breezes and how it’s lined with (cute) sun-kissed surfers and stroller-pushing moms or couples strolling hand-in-hand stealing kisses as they admire the sunset. i am thankful for its running path i used to frequent as i trained for races and for the lingering smell of pancakes and bacon that wafts up from the adjacent campgrounds. i am thankful for how this little mile and a half strip of overgrown ice plant and concrete makes everything a little better and how watching God’s handiwork in the nearby lapping waves or the surrounding purple skies reminds me of His omnipresence, majesty, and faithfulness.

can't get enough of this view.

can’t get enough of this view.

p.s. read my AskMissA article on the swami’s walk here.


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