thirty days of thankfulness: 11/26/13

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finding a home church is kind of like trying on shoes. sometimes you have to test out a few different styles before you find one that fits just right. at least that has certainly been the case with me. ironically enough the very first one i remember attending regularly is now the same one i have dedicated every sunday to attending now almost a decade later.

so today i’m thankful for north coast calvary chapel. for a church that feels like home. for a band who plays all of my favorite worship songs (and beautifully so) and for a pastor who is manages to be the perfect balance of endearing, humorous, convicting, and inspiring. i am thankful for michelle, the greeter who knows me by name, hands me the weekly bulletin and inquires about my mom (she’s great, thank you for asking!) and for the fact that on any given sunday i can run into at least four people i know. i am thankful that i feel comfortable enough attending alone and that the section stage right, about 10 rows back has become my habitual “spot.” but mostly i am thankful that i have a place to come to where i truly hear the voice of my Savior spoken through my pastor and his staff.

as mark always says at the end of his sermons -church is the locker room, the pastor, its coach. it’s up to us to come in and get the pep talk so we can go out on the playing field and apply what we’ve learned during half time. and given that metaphor, let’s just say that there’s no one i’d rather play for, and there’s no other locker room where i’d rather hang my uniform.

clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose (i had to).
image via: gabrielle holt.

image via: gabrielle holt.


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