thirty days of thankfulness: 11/27/13

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on the heels of watching dallas buyers club and being given a visual reminder of just how precious life is, i have been milling over my own fragility ever since.

i’ve been lucky, y’all. aside from getting my adnoids out and tubes put in at the age of two (i snored, it’s fine) and that rogue bean bag incident in 1991 where i cracked my head open and received 6 stiches (and a slight bald spot, again, it’s fine), i have made it well into adulthood without so much of a sprain to my name. i’ve never had a cavity (though i have had quite my share of orthodontia work, and those three wisdom teeth that were removed) or nursed a broken bone. i’ve never had to learn how to use crutches (good thing, i’m not sure how good i’d be on them). i mean, yes, i did have some issues in my early teenage years battling an eating disorder and i don’t mean to discredit that time at all, i was given a second chance at life and i don’t take that lightly.

but overall, compared to a lot a lot of humans, i have been/am extremely blessed. i mean the biggest health-related thing i’ve had to deal with lately is a mild case of keratosis pilaris on my upper arms. so you know, when there are loved ones fighting cancer or chronic scoliosis or any number of degenerative diseases, i’ll take a little dry skin any day.

so today i’m thankful for my health. for this body that functions without me telling it what to do. for limbs that work and a brain that functions and for a heart that beats without the assistance of any sort of machine. i’m thankful that aside from a few herbal supplements, i am not reliant on any sort of medication. and that after years of battling acne, it seems to be at long last under control (glory hallelujah). i know that not everyone has been given this gift of a healthy package of skin, muscles, and bones, so i best do all i can to cherish and nourish this one that i’ve got.

image via: gabrielle assaf.

image via: gabrielle assaf.


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