thirty days of thankfulness: 11/28/13 & happy thanksgiving

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so today is thanksgiving. but you already know that given your position on the couch in your comfiest sweats as you flip between the macy’s thanksgiving day parade and football.

i think i may have mentioned thisĀ a time or twelve but of all of the holidays we celebrate throughout the year (yes, even my birthday, which you know i try to make a birthmonth), thanksgiving is my absolute favorite. you guys, it involves two of my favorite f’s -food and family. it is literally a day where we gather with our loved ones to eat a delicious meal. i mean, i would have thanksgiving every sunday if that blasted turkey didn’t take so long to cook!

so today, on day 28 of this exercise, and on the actual day we pause and say thanks for the blessings in our lives, i am thankful for thanksgiving. that such a holiday exists for us to gather around the table -the place where shauna niequist says the “magic happens.” so thank you pilgrims for coming over on the mayflower and invading the existing native american land. you could have gone about it a little differently, but nevertheless it resulted in a coming together of cultures over a dinner filled with seasonal dishes and established a tradition that we continue to uphold today.

i hope wherever you’re choosing to celebrate this special holiday, you take time between your mouthfuls of stuffing and cranberry sauce and reflect on all of the many blessings God has given you this year. your health, the amazing people that join you at the dinner table this very night, your freedom, your job, and friends, and the experiences you’ve had and memories you’ve made and the hopes you have for the year to come. thank the One who makes it all possible -who not only keeps the planets in rotation, but who is personal enough to be sitting there amongst you this evening, sharing in the happiness of His children.

image via: pinterest.

image via: pinterest.


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