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i took my 100th studio barre class on monday night. personally, i don’t tend to keep track of said visits to the barre. i mean, aside from trying to make it there five times in a given week, i don’t maintain a running tally of my tucks. but it turns out, big brother was.

a few days prior, i noticed my name listed on the studio mirror. beside it were a series of numbers. 97, 98, 99…each number had been crossed off in anticipation of hitting the big triple-digit mark. it took me a second to realize what they represented, but then the light bulb went on (sometimes it takes a minute). each value corresponded to the number of classes i had accomplished since my first visit in october of last year. and on monday, the 17th of march, i had finally crossed the threshold.

had i really made it to 100 already? i suppose my perpetually sore quads, hammies, and glute muscles could have told me as much. the receptionist made a mini announcement to those present in the studio and the “congratulations” and “yays!” began pouring in. i sheepishly thanked my fellow tuckers for their well-wishes and accepted my generous consolation prize -a new pair of grippy socks, a custom t-shirt with the words “studio barre one hundred” on the front, and a $50 gift certificate to the studio’s boutique. i thought it silly to make such a big deal of a seemingly trivial milestone. obviously, i was so honored and happy to accept said accolades and the free swag on top of that, but i hadn’t run a marathon. i had just been a crazy loon who dedicated most nights to getting her thighs and booty worked by isometric movements and tortuous choreography.

but then i remembered a post i had read from one of my favorite bloggers, sarah of in my opinionit was entitled “act like you’ve been there before” and was written in response to recent comments made by some basketball commentators after students stormed the court upon UNC’s victory over duke. in her short essay she challenged the famous vince lombardi quote, “when you get into the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.” and honestly, she made some great points.

..this is basically the opposite of how i feel. i have no interest in playing down my enthusiasm -or being around other people who play it cool. even when i actually have been there before. the risk of playing it cool is that at some point you start believing your own lie and mistaking the remarkable for ordinary.

my opinion? when life offers you an opportunity to celebrate, take it. with both hands. when you have a chance to be excited, show it. too often our days are filled with the mundane -take full advantage of the moments that you are not. be passionate. show your excitement. storm the court.”

sometimes i think we save our party pants and glitter confetti for the big moments in life. the job offers and house purchases, proposals and stork deliveries. and we should. obviously. but sometimes those feel so few and far between. so in the interim, i think we should take sarah’s words to heart. i think when we are presented with a reason to let out a big “woo hoo!” and break open the proverbial bottle of (almond) champagne, we should take it.

i know i’m not the first to enter into the centurion club, and i certainly won’t be the last. but despite me downplaying the accomplishment, 100 classes strong is still quite the fete. and i should be proud of that.

and you know what? i am (throws confetti up in the air).



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