legally blonde

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so according to my driver’s license, i’ve been living a lie for the past three years. because according to the dmv, i’m blonde. i’m also about 20 pounds thinner, but whatever. considering the fact that my current license photo was taken close to my 18th birthday back in 2003, i’ve seen a few different hair colors since then. it was a running joke with M and i that whenever he needed to have my ID to check into our flights within australia, he’d ask for “blondie.”

well blondie is no more y’all. after a decade, my license photo and my passport photo and hey, my real live self will all become congruent. i got my license renewed today and in addition to paying $33 (who comes up with these random amounts?), and taking a vision test (what up, 20/20?), i also posed for a brand spanking photo (and it was not nearly as eventful as that whole passport debacle). to be honest, i feel a little saddened by this ending of an era. ironically because i’ve been contemplating going even lighter with my locks again. but what done is done. a brand new id for an (almost) brand new decade. feels right, i suppose.

the only thing that is a bit alarming is the fact that despite posing for a new photo, i wasn’t asked to update the remaining information. i am still listed as blonde, 5′ 6″ and [insert weight here]. sooo maybe that does mean i’m still legally blonde? which would make perfect sense because let’s be honest, it is one of my favorite movies.

p.s. unsolicited dmv advice: one, make an appointment. you’ll thank yourself when you’re standing in a line so long that it ivals big thunder mountain at disneyland. two, i highly recommend the clairemont office. fun fact: it’s the same location i took my driver’s license test at in 2001. and three, be extra nice and smiley to the employees. they work at the dmv so they can use all of the pep they can get.

(once i get my new card, i’ll be sure to post a photo of the results. fingers crossed it turned out fabulous!).


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