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it doesn’t take much to make me laugh. honestly. throw out a clever pun and you’re my new best friend.

one of my favorite places to get a gratuitous chuckle is the card section at my local grocery store. now that fresh ink cards are nearly extinct, i have to resort to my neighborhood trader joe’s. which, hello, is hardly a downgrade. now you may or may not know that i’m a plan ahead kind of gal. like months in advance plan ahead kind of gal. so nearly every time i make a visit mr. joe (see also: bi-weekly), i take a perusal through the card wall (conveniently positioned in between the bouquets and the kale) to see if i can pick up any new paper gems for my ever-growing collection. because i always love to have blank cards on hand to send out for various occasions -anniversaries, new jobs, new fiances, new babies, “sorry you had a bad day” days, “hey you’re another year older” days. sending cards to my nearest and dearest is seriously one of my favorite things to do. plus, who doesn’t love mail?

anyway, this past weekend as i rolled my cart past the cards, i noticed they had added a few new ones to their repertoire. oh yes, i visit the card section so often, i know they have a “repertoire.” i have actually been guilty of sending the same exact card to the same person at different times of the year. to that i say, at least i’m consistent. anyway, when i see a new design it’s like christmas. ha, you think i’m joking. anyway, i began grabbing at the menagerie of new offerings -cards commemorating mother’s day, father’s day, graduation, birthdays, etc. but of all of my finds that day, my favorite one came in the form of a “get well soon” gem. i don’t even know anyone who needs some get well soon wishes right now, but i didn’t care. this card was too good not to purchase and send to someone. or maybe i’ll just keep it for myself because as soon as i read it, i immediately broke into a wild case of the giggles.

on the front of the card, in front of a yellow-colored background, is a doodle of a peeled back tube of sausage. like someone has already cut into it to sneak a bite. to the right of the sausage is a drawing of a sheep.  and below both cartoons is the sentence “here’s the good news…”

okay, so we have sausage and sheep. aside from alliteration, i couldn’t find the correlation. even with the text.

then i flipped the card over.

and i read, “at least the wurst is behind ewe.” 

cue laughter. and a hand clap for a job well pun (done).

i put the cards in my cart and finished the remainder of my shopping. as i was checking out, the clerk began filtering through my small collection of greeting cards. “sorry i’m being so nosy,” she apologized as she continued sorting through. “oh gosh, i don’t care! but wait, did you get to the best one?” i signaled for the one with the sausage link and the sheep. i waited for her to locate it and i could tell from the quizzical look on her face that she was having just as difficult of time making the connection between the two doodles as i had had upon first glance. she flipped the card over and in reading the punch line, let out a big chuckle. “right?!” i shouted in agreement. we giggled together as she packed my eggs, bananas, and bags of frozen fruit into my reusable bag. and i went on my merry way.

i later told a friend at the bbq about my great card find that afternoon. despite not bringing it with me for a visual (that would have been weird to carry it around, right?), i explained it well enough that he, too, shared in my appreciation for said humor. “oh you like puns, don’t you?”

“me? yeah, i’m all about the cheesy humor. in fact, it doesn’t take much to make me laugh.” i answered back.


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  • Teresa
    May 8, 2014

    Actually that is pretty clever. Thanks for sharing.

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