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five and a half years ago, a tall brunette came to share a roof with me. we had a mutual community from college but our individual bond was still very green. but over the course of our time as roommates, casual conversations gave way to heartfelt confessions and all of a sudden, i couldn’t remember what life looked like without B in it.

we spent more hours than either of us would openly admit camped out at starbucks or pannikin or in front of our own tv watching recorded episodes of the real world or the bachelor. we’d laugh, and cry, and finish each others’ sentences. while i had always been more than content to live alone, i soon realized that there is something so fulfilling when you share an address and a welcome mat with one of your very best friends.

as seasons came to pass, so did new opportunities present themselves. and i eventually watched my former roomie pack up her blue explorer en route to tennessee. it was a bittersweet goodbye -i was so excited for her to pen a new chapter, but i couldn’t help but selfishly consider how it would affect my own day to day. but instead of dwell on how our friendship might change, i focused on on how it could grow, instead.

and it has grown and deepened and bloomed in ways i didn’t expect. a credit to B and her loyalty, love, and gracious hostess skills.

(hostess skills i can’t wait to take advantage of for the 7th time when i arrive in nashville on friday).

so happy birthday B. may the events of this day be as incredibly special as you are. you will always be the B to my S and there will never be anyone i’d rather watch a laguna beach marathon with than you.

i love you to the moon.


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  • B
    May 13, 2014

    I love you so much! Can’t wait to pretend we’re roomies again this weekend.

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