it’s friday, i’m in love || 6/13/14

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happy friday! and for those of you who are superstitious, happy friday the 13th (cue spooky noises and theme song from the haunted mansion ride at disneyland). since i’ve worked a total of six days over the course of the past two weeks, logging a full 40 hours this week was a cold splash of reality. but i survived. we survived! and now it’s the weekend. and i have a half-dozen more things i’m in love with this week.

so saddle up and read on. preferably with a fruity beverage like this one in your hand.

one || as if my bank account wasn’t already on high alert after my recent discovery of madewell, the forum carlsbad recently announced that it’s bringing j.crew to north county as well. having both of my favorite stores in such close of proximity is so bittersweet. bitter on the budget, sweet on the closet. but on the bright side, looks like i’ll be able to cut down on shipping costs. because i’ll want to save all of my extra pennies to make this gorgeous eyelet dress mine.

image via: the forum carlsbad.

image via: the forum carlsbad.


two || you’re well-aware of my love for shauna niequist by now. and it’s not just because she has an awesome first name. not only is she a beautiful writer, but no matter what season i’m in, her words always seem to speak truth into my life. last week she posted an article entitled “you are significant with or with out a significant other.” i had seen it linked on facebook, but the article’s title intimidated me from reading on. another article about embracing singlehood. i wasn’t in the mood. but then i ran into a sweet friend at L’s bridal shower and she, too, referenced shauna’s piece. “i read it and thought of you,” she said as she smiled. she went on to describe its sentiments and i quickly realized it wasn’t like the other articles i had seen posted on blogs before. clearly it had more substance, it was shauna after all. i took a moment to read through the entire composition while waiting for my evening barre class earlier this week. my friend was right, it wasn’t just another “i am single, hear me roar!” posts. it was a reminder i didn’t realize i needed. i am significant without a significant other. you are significant without a significant other. we are all significant regardless of our marital statuses. thank you, shauna for affirming me in that.

I remember when a single friend said, listen, I thought I’d be married by now. I thought I’d find that person and we’d buy a house together and buy furniture together. But just because that hasn’t happened, I don’t have to use an upside down milk crate for a nightstand, like I live in a dorm room, do I?


No, dear sister. Grown-ups should have good knives and nightstands and homes that have been created with love and attentiveness. You don’t have to wait for a partner to invest in your space, in yourself, in your life.


At the same time, being single is an opportunity, even if it’s not one you choose. Spend it. Singleness gives you a little more flexibility (unless you’re single parenting, which is a whole different deal, and which means I think you’re absolutely amazing.).


You might not want to be single right now. I get it. But it affords you some freedoms, and you should take them, every single one of them. I’m so proud of my single friends who are traveling like mad and living in interesting places and training for super-time-consuming races and getting fascinating graduate degrees.


Not every season affords this flexibility, and if you have it, grab it. Take it. Use it up. Please don’t wish away this season just because it doesn’t look the way you thought it would. What does singleness afford you? Time to write that book? Space to learn that skill? Flexibility to spend the summer in that dreamy place? Even if it’s not what you wanted, or not what you planned, how can you spend the opportunity you’ve been given in this season?

three || looking for a last-minute gift for father’s day (psa: father’s day is sunday)? my gal rachel has come up with a few fun and unique gifts for you to consider giving the patriarch of the family. here’s a hint, none of them involve neck ties. cruise on over to darling online and check out her list.

image via: the berry.

image via: the berry.


four || i feel like in terms of instagram posts, european countries are having the best month ever. every time i log-in, there’s another post of some gorgeous view of the eiffel tower or italian coastline. and frankly, i’m a little jealous. okay, a lot jealous. coupled with the recent coverage of the french open (yay rafa!) and with the championships at wimbledon just a few weeks away (eee!), i can’t seem to get the thought of a european trip off my brain. i realize i just celebrated my 29th birthday, so it’s a little premature to begin thinking about the big three-oh, but i threw out the idea of making a journey back to europe to ring in my #thirtyflirtyandthriving to my mom the other day and she did not laugh uncontrollably, which can only mean that it is not completely ludicrous to consider.  after seeing kendi’s recap of her recent travels to spain, i’m fairly certain it’s time to brush up on my spanish, but how do i narrow down which other cities to visit?

image via: kendi everyday.

image via: kendi everyday.


five || we’re entering what i believe to be the best season, culinarily speaking (fall is the best season, sartorially speaking). with stone fruits and berries prime for the picking, i have been on the hunt for some new recipes to incorporate my into kitchen repertoire. i’m also extremely lazy this time of year when it comes to cooking because it’s usually 85-degrees in my condo (because who needs central air in san diego?) by the time i get home in the evening and the last thing i want to do is turn on the stove, so i’m also a big fan of dishes that require limited prep and cook time. enter this recipe for a peach, avocado & pistachio salad from lesley graham. sans the goat cheese, i think this might be my go-to dinner this summer. anyone want to come over for a dinner party?

image via: lesley graham.

image via: lesley graham.


six || and finally, if you’re looking for a chuckle (and really, who isn’t?), i recently fell down a john mulaney rabbit hole and i regret nothing. i have watched his bit on being a terrible driver upwards of a half-dozen times and i giggle uncontrollably every single time.


“instead they see a 28-year-old healthy man trying his best”

have a wonderful weekend and tell your pops happy father’s day for me!

  • Rachel
    June 17, 2014

    THANK YOU for plugging my Darling article – you are too kind! And thank you for linking to Coffee & Tacos in your sidebar – YOU ARE THE BEST. Sending you hugs from Dallas!

    • snadelman
      June 17, 2014

      of COURSE girl. sending you love right back from the west coast! miss you! xo

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