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i’ll admit it, it’s not easy growing up as the child of divorced parents. it was especially difficult in a private christian community where that sort of thing isn’t exactly embraced. but regardless of the fact that people didn’t always initially understood why my mom’s last name was different than mine, it was my reality from a very early age. sure, there were days when i would close my eyes and wish that i had been gifted with a childhood that looked like everyone else’s -a nuclear family of a mom and dad and a golden retriever and white picket fence to go with it. but looking back on all of the amazing opportunities i got to experience and crazy amounts of love i received by having not one but TWO families over the course of these 29 years has made me realize that maybe i got the better end of the deal than the kids i was so envious of in sixth grade.

as you may know, today is father’s day. and in keeping with that, i’ve been reflecting on how grateful i am to have two men in my life that make me grateful to be their daughter.

that’s right, for those who don’t know, i have a step-dad and a biological father. they are each unique and special in their own way, and accordingly, each has played an integral role in shaping me into the woman i am today (hey, that rhymed).

i’ve long since abandoned the pity party i used to throw for myself for having a home life that didn’t look like what they portray in movies, books, or on tv. when people tell me that they’re biological parents are still together after umpteen years of marriage, i smile and tell them that’s amazing. and it really is amazing. but i no longer find myself jealous or disappointed or ashamed of my story. instead, i’m proud to say that i have twice as much love in my life than most. i have two fathers who i get to celebrate today. two neckties to purchase, two pancake breakfasts to cook. i have two dads who get to screen the guy who eventually takes my hand, and two dads to call on for when something needs fixing.

some people only get the love of one father. i’m lucky enough to get twice as much.

so happy father’s day to both of my fathers. i can’t imagine my life without either of you in it. thank you for your love and support and countless hours of male perspective. i am blessed to walk through life with not just one but two men who would go to the ends of the earth for me. and i am so grateful to be both of your daughter.


dad & me

toppie & me


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