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you may or may have not noticed something different about my blog. or maybe you haven’t and to that i might say well, perhaps you’re simply not an observant person. just kidding. it’s a subtle change, actually.

check out the title.

i know, i changed it. in thinking about my entire personal “brand” (and discussing the topic with a friend) i realized that i was kind of all over the place. my domain (fancy word for the title of your website), blog title, and style instagram account were all different and nothing really felt streamlined as a result. and these days, i’m all about streamlining my life. except when it comes to my closet, that should always remain the opposite of streamlined.

but if i ever wanted to grow my presence on social media or parlay my blogging “hobby” into a more lucrative career, i realized that i needed to be consistent -creating a persona that was not only easy to find, but easy to remember as well. and one surefire way of doing just that is to have your internet domain match the title of your blog. apparently that’s like blogger 101. whoopsies, my bad. so while trader joes, nike tempos & reality shows are all entities that still encompass parts of my life, i think it’s time for a change.

i want to assure you that just because the title of the blog is different, it doesn’t mean that the content shared will transform in any way. i mean, it might a little, but i’m not going to do anything crazy like typing in sentence case or anything. there’s a saying in thailand that the street vendors use as you pass by their kiosks in the marketplace. “same same but different.” that’s basically the perfect summation of what i’ve done here. same same shawna leeann, but a little different, too.

so to kick-off what is bound to be a busy yet completely fulfilling season, allow me to introduce myself as simply shawna leeann.

these are my stories, style, and everything in between. grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile.


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  • Aunt Teresa
    July 1, 2014

    I have noticed your site is different. I think your idea of refreshing your site occasionally is a smart move. Onward and upward you go!

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