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studio barre


yesterday was a big day.

i taught half of a studio barre class to real, live, paying clients. and i did not a) pass out, or b) forget all of my lines and slink off in a mortified puddle. so success!

while i was certainly surprised by my lack of nerves, i have a feeling it will still take a bit of time before i feel 100% comfortable behind the mic. despite the fact that i would like to believe i’m britney spears (circa 2000), i am, most definitely not. but for someone who hates how her voice sounds on recordings and who would hardly consider her presence “commanding,” i think there’s something about putting on that headset and cuing up the music that changes all of that. once “studio barre shawna” takes over, real life shawna kind of fades away. and turns out SBS counts a mean final 10.

so if the rest of my tenure as a teacher is anything like the butterfly-fluttering feelings i had last night, i must say, i think i’m going to love this new role.

next up: teaching a full class! let’s do this.


first taught class

maybe this is a lucky headband?


image via studio barre

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  • Mom
    July 9, 2014

    Adorable pic!

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