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Al & Shawna

alee & me

alee and shawna at tk's bday

alee b & me

JEB's dedication


she’s always been more than a cousin. in fact, whenever people would ask how we were connected, we’d shy away from using our formal genealogy at all costs. “technically we’re cousins,” we’d say, “but we like to think of ourselves more like sisters from sisters.”

she is one of my people. the ones that i can call on no matter the day, time, or season. we may not be sisters, biological speaking, but our bond certainly proves to the contrary.

today this special lady celebrates another candle on her cake.

so to my sister,

happy birthday, darling. i hope year twenty-heaven is by far and away the best one yet. you make the world a better, sweeter, and brighter place simply by existing. you are a joy and a light, exemplary of Christ’s abounding love, and one of the most hysterical people i know. thank you for being my person. for making me see the best in everything and for inspiring me to be the best version of myself. your wisdom, maturity, and overall outlook on life far surpass your years. and it is a pure joy watching you grow with each added candle and new life stage. #JEB will soon realize the lottery he hit the day he arrived under your care. you are an extraordinary daughter, sister, niece, friend, wife, and mother and i am so selfishly grateful that you were born today twenty-seven years ago. may God continue to pour His rich blessings down upon you and your family.

i love you to the moon and back.

love always,


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  • Mom
    July 9, 2014

    I agree with all of this, and what a beautiful tribute.

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