lights, music, and a mean final 10

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audrey at barre


so one of the coolest things about embarking on a new journey is tracking your own personal progress. with most goals, the most rewarding part of the process is reaching tangible milestones along the way.

and on my road toward becoming a real, live, paid, and unsupervised barre tender, i reached another mini goal last night. i taught not one but TWO back to back classes in their entirety to paying clients. and i absolutely loved it. i mean, there were a few hiccups, as expected with nerves and quite a few moving parts (music and choreography and lights and air conditioning and remembering client names and not passing out in the process), but overall, it went as well as it could have gone.

maybe one of the neatest things was being able to have some of my “barre besties” with me in my 5:30 p.m. class. not only did they give me a little piece of comfort in a moment of anxiety, but they made my job really easy as they all have incredible form (so thanks J & M!).

it’s such a gift and a blessing to be able to further deepen my love for a workout that has given me so much over the past four years. and by “so much” i mean it keeps the junk in my trunk in check and crop-top worthy abs. but aside from its physical benefits, it has brought me this amazing community of women who love, support, and encourage each other both in and out of the studio. (and if you’re lucky, one of them will set you up with their co-worker on a blind date and you’ll end up being the happiest you’ve been in a budding relationship in a long long time. but that’s a story for another day).

anyway, after last night, i’m one step closer to officially being on the studio class schedule. that fact alone is just as exciting as it is terrifying. but if i’ve learned anything throughout this experience it’s that you can’t worry too much about perfectionism. things will inevitably happen -your song will skip, you’ll forget to turn off the lights before the ab track, you’ll miscue a section of choreography (hopefully not all in the same class), but as long as you remain calm and confident and continue to press forward, no one will even bat an eyelash. just make sure to always count a mean final 10.

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