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image via: fotopedia

image via: fotopedia


i’m just going to call it right now. this may or may not eventually become a “look what my boyfriend constructed for me” blog. i’m sorry i’m not sorry in advance. but when your special mister calls home depot his home away from home and takes you on dates to lowes so you can look at wood for the dream desk he’s promised to finish next week, you want to brag about it. especially since he won’t brag about it himself. he’s all humble like that.

aside from my home benefiting from some much-needed upgrades in terms of furniture and decor, S’s carpentry skills serve a greater purpose. the only other man to have made me anything with his bare hands was my beloved late grandfather, who had my heart from a very young age. poppa and i would spend hours in the garage together, dreaming up projects to bring into fruition. rocking horses, puzzles, the most beautiful doll house that made barbie’s dream abode look like a shack. somehow in the matter of moments, what began as a simple block of wood would metamorphose into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

since poppa’s passing 2005 (and probably long before that still), i had yet to have someone in my life who could replace his role as resident handyman. and then along came S.

among his zillion and a half attractive qualities is his genuine love for DIY. since i’m more of a “B-U-Y” kind of gal, it has been really fun getting to dream up future projects again, just like when i was six years old in my grandpa’s garage.

first up on the list is a sawhorse desk, something i’ve seriously wanted for my unfurnished “office” for at least three years. then, we’re off to tackle my bare patio that is certainly in need of some TLC, using lauren conrad’s recent post for inspiration. two words: twinkle lights.

i never knew i could love shopping for anything other than shoes, accessories, and clothes, but turns out, buying things like wood, paint, and nails can be pretty fun. especially if at the end of the endeavor you get a fully furnished patio, an office, and a cute handyman with whom to enjoy them both.


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  • Aunt Teresa
    August 1, 2014

    What a FUN read you’ve posted today! Keep it up and post pictures. Your uncle Marc and your uncle Charlie (Dona’s husband) both build things… really beautiful things. We have a few displayed in our home. There’s something about the love and dedication needed to produce a usable ‘work of art’.

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