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perhaps one of the best things about being an adult is being able to eat whatever you want and when you want it. if i want to eat frozen yogurt for breakfast or have a make-shift lunch of only carrots, quinoa chips, and hummus, i can do just that. because i’m a grown woman and i do what i want, yo.

one of my favorite ways of “bending the culinary rules” and flexing my adult-decision-making muscles is having breakfast for dinner. or b for d as i like to call it. so in order to give me a proper send-off to austin, my sweet chef of a boyfriend whipped me up a delicious pancake breakfast for dinner last thursday evening.

we went to sprouts to locate the various ingredients for the almond flour pancakes S had promised to recreate for me following my brunch at plow in san francisco. additionally, we picked up a pack of strawberries (for garnish), some maple syrup, and yes, bacon (because bacon is a vegetable). we arrived home and i was banned from the kitchen while S got to work. to pass the time, i threw my own personal dance party in the living room set to classic 90’s rap -because not only was i officially on vacation, but also because burning some extra cals before my big pancake dinner seemed like a good idea, too. it’s a good thing S likes my dancing (god bless him).

just as i was about to booty pop to blackstreet’s classic “no diggity,” S called me over to the table and walked in with two beautifully displayed dinner plates. the pancakes were fanned out and garnished with slivered strawberries and strips of perfectly not too crisp, not too wiggly (per my request) bacon glistening beside them. a true culinary masterpiece, if i had ever seen one.

i poured a good helping of syrup over my cakes and watched its amber-colored sweetness soak into each fluffy circle. and then i cut myself the perfect bite -a little pancake, a little strawberry, and big dollop of syrup. per-fec-tion. and the bacon. S baked it on a sheet pan in the oven (in lieu of frying it in a pan) and not only was clean-up a cinch (aluminum foil, ftw), but his cooking method seemed to make the bacon that much more flavorful. that, or my taste buds had forgotten how amazing bacon really is. either way, i ate every last morsel on my plate (not surprising).

so three cheers for turning the culinary norms on their head and eating the first meal of the day for our last. and for S, for being the best darn personal chef a girl could ask for (you’re the best, babe).


b for d, ladies & gentlemen.

b for d, ladies & gentlemen.

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  • Aunt Teresa
    August 20, 2014

    How wonderfully tasty looking. I think I actually smelled the bacon! S is a keeper. (PS would you email me his name so I can put a name [and maybe a face] to the “S”?) I love the glimpses into your life. I feel honored – honestly.

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