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there are weekends that are go, go, go and then there are weekends like this past one with a welcomed change of pace. a slower, “i’m no going to put on make-up and wear a baseball cap” kind of speed, where the only things on the agenda are a trip to trader joe’s (for snacks) and a date with CBS sports.

maybe it’s my age or simply the point in the year where a packed summer schedule has made me crave a lazy sunday, but whatever it is, i’ve learned to relish in the “nothing to do/nowhere to be” moments. because if this past weekend is any indication, these seemingly insignificant points in time might turn out to be the memories i look back to someday and cherish most.

without going into too much detail (mostly because i’m trying this whole thing where i don’t tell you every minute detail of my love life and it appears to be working for me), things with S are going really well. like really. you know when you meet someone and being with them feels almost as effortless as breathing? that’s kind of how it is with him and accordingly, i don’t think i can recall a time when i’ve been this happy in a relationship than i am with him at this current juncture. all that is to say that when you genuinely enjoy the company of your significant other, it doesn’t matter what the weekend has in store for you both, you’re more than content to pass the time together.

so despite the fact that these past few days didn’t involve tailored pants or reservations or mascara for that matter, monday was just as hard to wake up to as it has been on the heels of weekends past (let’s be honest, monday is always the worst no matter the weekend activities). and that’s because i got to spend two uninterrupted days doing nothing in particular with my best friend. and maybe that’s the test of whether or not you have a good thing going -if you can have just as much fun practicing barre choreography, eating cookie dough straight from the bowl, and logging seven hours of football-watching, as you do on the weekends where bbqs and live sporting events, and well, the general public are involved.

yesterday S and i watched back to back to back football match-ups with the u.s. open women’s final sandwiched in between (valiant effort, caroline). we ate dinner at 3 p.m. because #yolo. S grilled up some bbq chicken, asparagus, and peaches, and i incorporated the fruit into a delicious salad of romaine hearts, pistachios, and a champagne vinaigrette. we laughed. a lot. and discussed our fantasy team (sometimes i actually sound like i know what i’m talking about). i found myself stealing glances at him from across the room, shaking my head in disbelief how i ever got so lucky to have had a blind date turn into this.

i know, this is quite the mushy post to throw at you on a monday. but let this be a love life update for you in disguise. turns out sometimes weekends don’t have to be fancy to be memorable, and sometimes patience and timing pay off in dividends.


sunday dinner


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  • Mom
    September 9, 2014


  • Aunt Teresa
    September 9, 2014

    Honestly, the grilled asparagus and peaches – what a way to go! I’ll bypass the chicken (although it was probably tasty, being vegetarian takes the meat off the table). I loved this snippet you posted of your relaxing weekend. Jam-packed and relaxing certainly have there place. Enjoy everyday, my dear.

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