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in addition to plaid, home design shows, and football, S and i share a deep love affair with sushi.

in fact, for our second date i met him at a sushi joint in solana beach after work. prior to our date, i had boasted that i essentially had a separate “sushi stomach” and if encouraged, i could probably put away the whole right side of the menu. but when it came down to actually ordering that particular evening, i clammed up, remembering that this was only our second date and that i was still in that “i should try to act like a petite flower” mindset and all of a sudden it was “we’ll take these three rolls please.” and he didn’t tell me then, but i have since learned that in that moment S was like “THREE ROLLS?” and to be honest, i was kind of like that, too. but neither of us were willing to say anything/order more because we were nervous and gosh i’m so glad we’re over that now.

oh and never mind the fact that in the middle of our meal, i dropped one of my rolls into the soy sauce bowl and the sauce splashed up and stained my beloved black and white poncho dress (thankfully the dry cleaners saved the day), that was just the crunchy garnish atop our measly order of hand rolls.

luckily we survived and fun fact, despite my poor performance at sushi ordering/eating,  the night turned out a big W because that’s the night S kissed me for the first time and boom, fireworks.

anyway, now many many dates later, S is well-aware of my linebacker appetite. and accordingly, our sushi orders look, uh, a lot different than that wednesday in july.

conveniently enough, there’s a decent sushi place right next door to the studio. and driven by convenience more than anything, i usually bring home take-out for us about once a week. the staff all knows me now and they’re really great about timing my order just right so that it’s waiting for me when i get out of class.

now i won’t tell you exactly how many rolls we end up ordering (and subsequently finishing off like champs) each time, but let’s just say that it’s enough to have provoked a game of sorts. the game?

“guess how many people the restaurant thinks this order is feeding?” (based on the ratio of rolls to napkins, chopsticks and packets of soy sauce).

again, without incriminating ourselves too much, i will tell you that two orders ago, we received five pairs of chopsticks, this past time?


this evening, i’m picking up sushi for S and me after i teach the 5:30 p.m. class (come tuck with me!).

and so the million dollar question awaits…

how many people will they think we’re treating to sushi tonight?


Fireside Sushi 004

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  • Aunt Teresa
    September 11, 2014

    Nice read. I’ll be honest… a gasped when I read about the sauce stain on your dress (I love that dress). I’m so glad the cleaners were able to rescue it (whew!!) Have a wonderful evening chowing down on your family-sized sushi.

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