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it always happens. you set out for the mall with one goal in mind (or perhaps a few) -find a little black dress for your friend’s upcoming wedding -and despite a valiant effort, you turn up empty-handed. well, that’s probably not entirely true, you’ll probably end up with a whole bunch of things that you had no original intention of buying, nor do they have any real business being in your closet, but whoopsies.

i swear it’s like the stores know you’re coming in on a mission and somehow they rearrange the merchandise that day so it’s near impossible to find. and then a month later, bam, you finally stumble on the thing you so desperately needed (“needed” is a relative term, i know) at the time, but the event or occasion has since passed and the whole thing is moot (or moo, thanks joey) now. ugh.

well i’m here to tell you that sometimes, when the stars align and the nordstrom rack gods look favorably upon you, you stumble upon the perfect article of clothing on the exact shopping trip upon which you venture in an effort to find it. it’s like the chupacabra and big foot went for drinks with their holy grail cups.

S accompanied me into nordstrom rack recently in an effort to find me a cold-weather coat. i realize that sounds absurd considering the fact that the forecasted high today is 92, but at some point (i pray?) the heat will subside and january will arrive and i may or may not want to travel somewhere where the high is half of what today’s temperature is. and when that happens, i won’t have more than a thin-fabric trench coat to my name. so i figured before it got nippy and everyone snatched up all of the outerwear (especially those with snazzy snaps and pockets), i would get a head start. luckily fashion waits for no one (or temperature drop) so when we arrived at the store, there were plenty of racks of coats for my perusal.

you guys, right out of the gate we landed on a gold mine. a michael kors quilted jacket with gold button and pocket detailing that came in not one, not two, but four colors. i knew michael would never let me down. S held my starbuck’s cup (and the hanger -babe, you’re the best) while i slipped on my size in black. i ran to find a full-length mirror to admire my reflection. it hit just below hip-height (perfect length) and the front zipper was covered by cute gold snaps. i returned to S, giddy like a school-girl. “it’s perfect!” i squealed. “i just wish it had a hood.”

and that’s when S inquired the purpose of the zipper around the jacket’s collar.


i hastily unzipped the collar to reveal the jacket’s awesome little secret. a hood, a hood! i immediately put the jacket back on, this time tucking my hair behind me as i pulled the hood over my head. there were more squeals and perhaps an abbreviated happy dance (we were in public after all). S looked on with a smile. while he may not have shared my exact jubilation over my clear fashion jack(et) pot, he could certainly appreciate how much joy it brought me.

the icing on the already delicious cake? it was under $100.

i mean, come on.

anyway, perhaps i recount this story for a few reasons:

1) for all of those who doubt the ability for a store to have exactly what you were looking for exactly when you’re looking for it, take heart

2) michael kors jackets at nordstrom rack for under $100. run, don’t walk!

3) i finally own a cold-weather coat and i’m pretty pumped to put it to use

but mostly the reason of this post is to show you how cute it is:


mk coat


image via les-belles tumblr


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