happy birthday, poppa

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not a day goes by that i don’t think about my late grandpa. as i’ve recently mentioned, all of the time S and i have spent at home depot, lowe’s, and knee deep in wo0d-working projects has only made the pang for his presence more prominent than ever. you know, i think they would have loved each other, he and S. i think they would have spent hours in the garage building everything under the sun, sharing a gallon of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream, and a pack of trident gum. but heaven decided they needed a banjo player, so grandpa went to lend his talents nine years ago this december.

despite the fact that he isn’t here to blow out what would have been an impressive 88 candles on his birthday cake today, i still want to honor the man who taught me how to tie my shoes, accompanied me on bike rides along PCH, and took me to balboa island for a sugar cookie at dad’s and to feed the ducks with a loaf of stale bread.

he is still one of the greatest men i’ve ever known. and i just feel blessed to have spent the 20 years i did have with him.

so happy birthday, poppa. i hope you’re building something in heaven’s workshop and treating yourself to some ice cream. we love and miss you with our whole hearts.







  • Aunt Teresa
    October 2, 2014

    What a heart-warming memory you shared. Thank you.

  • Mom
    October 2, 2014

    And he loved his Rose.

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