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ann taylor loft (or as it’s more commonly known as -simply “loft“) and i have always had a fickle relationship. most visits to the store i venture into the dressing room with an armful of pieces only to leave empty-handed. and despite the fact that on any given day there’s most likely a promotional taking place in the store (40% off EVERYTHING!), many times my “meh” attitude toward a specific garment is enough to talk myself out of buying something for the sake of getting it at a discounted price (“just think of how many starbuck’s venti iced coffees you could get for that shirt”).

but recently loft has been stepping up their game. after making that pair of black skinny jeans mine a few weeks back, there have since been a half dozen additional pieces that have also caught my eye. so perhaps when the next promo email notifying me of yet another sale lands in my inbox, my first inclination won’t be to drag it to the trash folder. because what then would i use to get these beauties at a discounted rate?


Loft Looks


one || abstract animal print mini dress. first of all, how cute does kendi look in this dress (she’s the featured image)? so cute, right? in fact, the fact that she looks so effortlessly chic and comfortable in this ensemble is one of the reasons i’m reconsidering adding this festively feline-inspired dress to my wardrobe. truth be told, about a month ago i dragged S into loft to try it on in person. we liked it well enough, i personally loved the drop waistline and soft fabric, but ultimately it did not come home with me that day. except now i’m kind of having non-buyers remorse. and i’m think i might need to pay it another visit to confirm that walking away from its sassy leopard print the first time was indeed the right decision. because i’ve been known to be wrong. it doesn’t happen often (kidding), but i am only human.

two || faux leather mini skirt. i’m going to venture to say that the first thing you think of when you look at me isn’t “i bet that girl totally wears leather.” because, let’s be honest, i’m hardly equipped to get on the back of a harley davidson any time soon. but i think that’s where my original opinions on leather have been warped since day one. i’ve always associated it with people who wear bandana headbands and beards that rival rip van winkle’s. au contraire. times have changed and leather or in this case, faux leather, is now accessible to everyone. including peter-pan collar wearing girlie girls like me. i’ve been on the hunt for adding another leather contender to my wardrobe for a while now (it has been pretty lonely for my camel-colored faux leather bomber jacket from target i’ve been carting around for that past five years), and after my last venture with pleather leggings turned out to be horrifying, i’m thinking this adorable mini might be a better-suited alternative. just think how cute it would look paired with a plaid button down, sequin top, or faded chambray.

three || floral sweatshirt. whoever is responsible in the fashion world for taking the standard cotton pull-over sweatshirt i’d often buy in bulk from the boys’ section at target and making it chic should really get a raise (was it you, anna wintour?). i mean, i just love that we all finally get to walk around in what could essentially be considered pajamas and yet avoid being cited for crimes against fashion. this floral stunner is only helping to fuel the revolution. i love how the white flowers pop against the classic black background, offering a subtly feminine touch. it would be adorable juxtaposed with a pair boyfriend jeans or super chic with some wide leg winter white trousers.

four || striped chiffon trim top. this two shirts in one (or at least the illusion of it) seems to be a big trend circulating clothing retailers this season. i recently tried on a similar version at j.crew the other day and despite the sweater itself offering no real shape for my body, i liked how the shirttail not only gave the garment an added layer (literally), but that it also added length, something i’m always a fan of in terms of gaining a little coverage for the booty. in its simplest form, it’s another take on the tunic which means it would look adorable over skinny jeans or leggings and accessorized with a statement necklace or colorful circle scarf.

five || striped short sleeve dress. a wise woman once said “you can never have too many pairs of underwear or clothing with stripes.” that wise woman was me. because i live under the guise that just like having an ample supply of undergarments (it prolongs the need for doing laundry), housing a healthy arsenal of striped shirts and dresses in your wardrobe is also one of life’s keys to happiness. of all of the stripe combinations, i’ve always been a sucker for black and white. it’s classic, parisian, simple, yet sophisticated. and loft’s seasonal take on a tried and true closet staple has me itching to add yet another striped member to the family. i’m interested to see how short it’ll be on me given these long dancer legs (i’m kidding), but i suppose i could always amend the issue with a pair of black tights. at any rate, it’s a dress that would definitely work for all four seasons and for that reason alone, i definitely can find a justification for making it mine.

six || lace sleeve tee. i mean, who doesn’t love a good sleeve detail? (that’s a rhetorical question, obviously). this top is the perfect marriage of cuteness and comfort. the lace sleeves give this otherwise simple cozy jersey knit a bit of sophistication and femininity making it perfect for combining with your favorite pair of jeans for a casual weekend look, or with a pair of black dress pants or pencil skirt for a work-appropriate ensemble during the week.

and on that note, i think a loft promo email just landed in my inbox. so if you’ll excuse me, i’m off to shop.

image via kendi everyday



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