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so while everyone was going crazy about taylor swift’s release of her highly-anticipated album 1989another album was released night. my beloved local singer-songwriter (and the object of my sometimes stalking affections) mrs. tristan prettyman maris released seven brand new tracks on her first self-produced album back to homewhile the 2012 release of cedar + gold focused on heartache (on the heels of the very public calling off of her engagement to jason mraz), her new cd reflects her current stage in life -being head over heels in love with her now husband, google exec bill maris (if you enjoy wedding videos, theirs is one for the books. that red dress!).

while they certainly say break-ups are the best fuel for good song-writing (ahem, miss swift), after listening to back to home a half dozen times already, i must say, love is just as viable of an inspiration source.

it’s no surprise that i love all seven of the upbeat tracks. but if i had to choose a favorite, i think “who we are” would win that title.



I would grant all your wishes
If you promised me a thousand kisses
I will never, love another, like you
So give me all your secrets
your fear and doubts, honey you don’t need them
I will never, find another, like you
And the airs getting thin
Where the wings meet the wind
We see it, we can feel it and we know this
I believe in something more
all the days that came before
led us right to where we are
right to where we are
it’s all written in the stars
we’ve already come so far
and we can’t change who we are
ah ah who we are
ohhhhhhhh who we are
ohhhhhhhh who we are
I don’t have all the answers
but right now is all the matters
i could never, love another, like i loved you
And we don’t have to understand
fate always has the upper hand
and fate choose me and you


psst… here’s a full listing of the entire album:



you know, at the risk of sounding completely cheesy, i’ve always kind of feel a kindred spirit with the singer. she’s endured a lot heartache over the years in hopes of eventually finding her happy ending, but she lived by the mantra that “maybe the best [hadn’t] happened yet” and that kept her hope alive. almost exactly six months ago, i wrote about my own experiences with her famous lyric. and in my life, you can see how much has changed since that day. i’ve found the best thing to ever happen to me and for nearly four months now, my life has become filled with more happiness, love, support, and laughter than it has quite possibly ever been.

and like i mentioned above, in terms of tristan’s life (i act like i know her, i mean i kind of do-ish), two years after her wounds were put to lyric and tune, she’s married to the love of her life and is releasing songs about love again.

so perhaps in slightly different ways, for both tristan and i maybe the best has not only happened but more importantly, continues to happen every single day. 

and while i might not be able to express that in an album of my own, i can express it here.

and in turn, save yourself an eardrum (or two).

(i love you, S).

image via ashley rubell


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