ghosts (and pumpkins) of halloweens past

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in honor of today’s holiday, i thought i’d share a few photos from the archives. as my mother so sweetly reminded me, halloween has never been my favorite holiday. therefore there are very few photos of me dressed in costume. however, she did manage to track down a few gems. aside from maybe nibbling on a piece of leftover candy at my parents’ house this weekend,  posting these photos is about the only halloween-themed thing i’ll be doing today, so for everyone dressing up as sexy mice or sexy snowmen, rock those barely there costumes for the both of us.

(my apologies for the sharpness of some of the photos, turns out they were taken on *gasp* real film and the scans distorted the colors a bit)





i dream of genie.


from the front (also apparently i’m a classy genie, i wear pearls).


queen of hearts.


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