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sometimes life is about the little moments more than the big ones.

like last night.

i went over to S’s new place after class to help him pick out his outfit for this weekend’s wedding. and because he promised to get me chipotle. #bestboyfriendever

after we finished dinner, i sprawled out on his bed to nurse my food coma as he tended to his load of laundry taking its final spins around in the dryer. moments later we were startled by the shockingly loud timer whose screeching sound was apparently notifying us that his whites were indeed dry and ready for folding (we got it, we got it!). he disappeared from the room for a moment and returned with the large pile of freshly washed laundry in his arms. without saying a word, he proceeded to throw the pile of freshly laundered undershirts, socks, and tees right on top of me.

in an instant i was transported back to my childhood. to the nights where my mom would steal my beloved blanket and throw it in the dryer for a few minutes so when she returned it to me, it was deliciously warm and cozy. it was always one of my favorite evening traditions. albeit at the expense of our electric bill, i suppose.

i recounted the memory of my youth to S as he stood over me, picking at the pile, matching socks with their rightful mate, and folding undershirts in a methodical fashion. he smiled with his perfectly dimpled smile as i buried myself deeper into the menagerie of men’s undershirts, soaking up every last bit of warmth that radiated from the clean clothes.

we worked together to fold the remaining pieces of his wardrobe and i watched as he meticulously placed each pile back in their appropriate place. undershirts in the top drawer of the left dresser, socks in the top drawer of the right. t-shirts hung back in their proper place in the closet (in the rainbow order i created when i organized his closet two weeks ago).

i know objectively “doing laundry” is far from the most thrilling of the all the domestic duties. but last night, with him it kind of was. not only was the task a sweet reminder of childhood, but it also solidified the fact that when you do the most mundane of activities with your best friend, even laundry can be fun.

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