remembering november & a promise for december

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happy december 1st, my loves. while november was certainly good to me, i always love the promise of a fresh month -31 days of blank canvas of which to color laughs, memories, experiences, and lots of delicious food.

i realize many of november’s shenanigans (and outfits) were noticeably absent from the blog and for that i apologize. i think i’m still trying to find the balance between work work and studio barre work and being in a relationship and managing to still get food in my belly and zzz’s under my belt. oh and in the very least, have a fairly good handle on my DVR situation. but when i write a heartfelt post and share it with all of you and you respond as amazingly as you have, i remember why it is i enjoy sharing my musings. and why i enjoy writing at all.

and so i’m going to try my darndest to be more present on this space. relay more stories. post more outfits. take more photos of said stories and outfits. continue my friday tradition of it’s friday, i’m in love and even a recreate what we ate or two (we’re making S’s grandma’s famous sugar cookies this weekend and i seriously cannot wait to document the entire process).

therefore with all of that said, i do have a few things i can share today -stories from this past holiday weekend, a collection of little happys that might bring a smile to your face, or in the very least lessen the sting that it is no longer acceptable to be in stretchy pants, watching football, leftover pie in hand.

so here it goes!

thanksgiving. first of all, let me start by saying that while i can assure you that S and i looked adorable (we’re obviously very humble) on thanksgiving, there is no photographical evidence corroborating said fact. we were completely remiss in snapping a photo and actually didn’t really think about it until we were halfway home, stopped at a gas station filling up his tank. i suppose we could have asked one of our fellow arco-patrons to take said photo, but then again, a gas-pump backdrop isn’t exactly how i’d like to remember our first thanksgiving together. oh well. but as far as the meal itself is concerned, our thanksgiving was wonderful (and delicious). it was such a treat meeting and spending time with more of S’s family. and while i already have fond affections for all acquainted branches on his family tree, i will say that S’s grandma went home with a little piece of my heart that evening. lucky for me, i get to see her again in a few short weeks when she hosts us all for christmas brunch.

black friday. with a floating holiday at my disposal at work, i made the executive decision to take off the first unofficial day of the holiday season. still not quite feeling 100% from previous weeks’ ailments, i was happy to have a leisurely morning before subbing two studio barre classes for an instructor who was out of town for the holiday. additionally, a few weeks back i had somehow convinced my momma that a trip to the forum for a little window shopping on black friday was a good idea, so after i finished at the studio, we braved the center and found it to be less packed with holiday hopefuls as originally expected. despite leaving empty handed, it was fun to spend the afternoon dressing room hopping with my best gal. since S had to work, i didn’t reunite with him until later in the afternoon. we did our best to work off the dietary sins of the day before with an hour-long tennis match and a sensible dinner. and by sensible i mean i think we went to sprouts. eh, sensible enough.

donuts with a view. speaking of dietary sins… this weekend i took S to VG’s donuts for the first time. growing up in encinitas, VG’s was a staple of my childhood. old fashioned was my jam, y’all. on saturday night, i told S i had a surprise for him. and when it comes to keeping surprises from S, i’m usually terrible (how i’ve managed to keep his christmas presents a secret from him i’ll never know), but somehow the only clue i gave him was that we had to drive there and that it was near the coast. otherwise, he had no idea that he’d be fulfilling his sugar quota for the year when we pulled into a parking space in front of the iconic establishment on sunday morning. after we picked up the glazed-covered confections, we swung by starbuck’s for coffees and headed down to swami’s beach to enjoy them with a view.


november 30th, 2014.

november 30th, 2014.


sure we could have gotten donuts anywhere -they sell them at albertson’s which is literally down the street, but i selfishly really wanted to share in S’s first VG’s experience. and from his reaction upon biting into his old-fashioned glazed bar, i’d say that experience was far from his last.

and finally,

gold rush. i’ve been racking my brain thinking of gift ideas to give “santa” and his elves (who look eerily similar to my parents, weird), but even after hours of perusing the likes of j.crew, madewell, and ann taylor loft, i’ve come up uncharacteristically short. turns out, i might have all the clothes i need (pshh, never). that was until S and i wandered into anthropologie this weekend and found the fallen star maxi skirt and immediately felt the need to try it on.

i emerged out of the dressing room with a goofy grin on my face. it was perfect. albeit an investment piece, i think S captured the sentiments best when he replied, “anything that makes you twirl and smile like that is worth the price tag.” (he’s pretty darn great, isn’t he?) i immediately texted “santa” the following photo:


anthro gold skirt


fingers crossed we’re reunited on december 25th.

and those are just a few of the little snippets of life i have for you now, with the promise that more adventures await in the coming weeks.

i hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend, ate way too much, and laughed even more. let’s make this a december to remember, shall we?

thanks for sticking with me and for reading along. i love you all very much.

image via a beautiful mess


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