canada or bust (eh)

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you guys, it’s finally here! S and i are officially on vacation. this morning we’re headed out of the country (and then back into it) for a little winter getaway to vancouver and seattle for the next five days and i’m so excited. having wanted to visit both cities for years, i can’t wait explore them with my favorite travel buddy in tow. we’re splitting our time between both cities -flying into vancouver this afternoon to explore the gorgeous region of british columbia through saturday, and then taking the train from canada back into the u.s. and to seattle through monday afternoon.

albeit quick, i’m really looking forward to a real no work/no barre class vacation. it has been exactly a year since i’ve taken off any considerable amount of time, and i think i’m due.

have a wonderful rest of your week/weekend and i’ll have a full recap next week. in the meantime, feel free to follow our adventures on instagram (@shawnaleeann).

alright moose and mounties, we’re coming for you.

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