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as i’m working on the recap of S and my adventures in the pacific northwest (it’s coming, i promise), i thought it might be fun to share some of my daily vacation outfits i wore over the course of our trip. with the weather cold and rainy throughout our stay in vancouver, i was thankful for layers, rain boots, and various forms of head wear. and for a notorious over packer, i must admit, i am pretty proud of how i was able to make a carry-on piece of luggage work for me and my sartorial needs over the five days. so thanks to S’s excellent iphone photog skills, here are three ensembles i sported over the course of our vacation:

daily outfit: 1/22/15 || airport wears


January 22nd, 2015



black sweater | madewell (similar)
dark denim | gap
grey infinity scarf | h&m (similar)
leopard skinny belt | j.crew factory (similar)
green wellies | target

it’s always tricky choosing your plane outfit. if you’re tight on luggage space, experts recommend wearing your bulkiest items on the plane. which makes perfect sense… until you have to dismantle half of your ensemble to get through security. for this trip, that meant stripping off my bright green rain boots, scarf, and hooded puffer jacket (not pictured), only to reassemble the outfit on the other side. but considering canada greeted us with sprinkles just hours after landing, i was happy to already be outfitted in my trusty wellies (which by the way were a GREAT investment. three cheers for tar-jay!).


daily outfit: 1/23/15 || a rainy day


January 23rd, 2015


lace trimmed navy sweater | gap (similar)
dark denim | gap
red infinity scarf | loft
brown belt | abercrombie & fitch (from middle school!) (similar)
green wellies | target
white knit headband | gifted (similar)

did i mention that it rained the entire time we were in canada? i’m not complaining, simply stating the facts. so on our first official day touring vancouver, i did my best to stay warm (and dry). more layers, and this time, head protection -which served two purposes: it kept the heat from escaping from the top of my head, and distracted fellow canadians from the frizz situation that was going on with my half-dampened locks. also, this sweater is now the most well traveled piece of clothing i own -in addition to spending time in canada, it also followed me to australia last year.


daily outfit: 1/24/15 || training to seattle


January 24th, 2015



black & white striped tee | target
red quilted vest | h&m (similar)
dark denim | gap
brown belt | abercrombie & fitch (similar)
grey infinity scarf | h&m (similar)
green wellies | target
grey flower hat | ruche (similar)

funny story about this outfit. since we left for the vancouver train station at o’dark thirty, i had layered up to stay warm. we’re talking five layers, y’all (there’s a black tank under the t-shirt and i threw my black jacket on top shortly after this photo was taken). but as we crossed the u.s. border, we were greeted by more temperate weather -still slightly overcast, but nearly 10-15 degrees warmer and not a raindrop for miles. suddenly, i was very overdressed. in fact, on our way back from lunch, beads of sweat were literally falling down my back as we climbed the hill back to our hotel. ew. anyway, the glory with layers is you can easily peel off a few when needed. and shed i did before we ventured out later in the afternoon to explore the emerald city.


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