milkmaid braid

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when it comes to styling, i don’t get too adventurous with my hair. for the most part when you see me, it’s usually down. if i’m really feeling crazy (and am milking (pun intended!) my blowout for the umpteenth day), you’ll also occasionally see it in a side braid. but even i had become a little tired of my styling repertoire.

so with a lot of hairspray, bobby pins, and prayers, i attempted the milkmaid braid for a little change of pace. i primarily used libby’s tutorial from her “30 days of hair” for reference as well as a few additional youtube videos S googled for us as we attempted a trial run last night.

for a first effort, i can’t say it’s half bad. like anything, i know, practice will make perfect. but until then, i’m doing my best to not make any vigorous head movements and keeping my fingers crossed that the half dozen bobby pins holding this contraption together will make it through the end of the day.

now if you excuse me, i’m off to milk some cows.









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