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we got one step closer to operation new couch last night.  after having my beloved beige ikea couch on craigslist for the last few weeks, it seems we have a viable buyer very interested in taking it off our hands. so in preparation of their pending pick-up, S and i flexed our muscles and channeled our inner ross and rachel (respectively) and relocated the couch from my living room down the stairs and into the garage.

it was a lot of “wait, wait, wait, my hand is slipping,” and “go slowly, i’m walking backwards and i can’t see.” luckily we had the smarts to remove the pillows, cushions, and even feet, so once we got it from the living room, through the alcove in the entry way of the stairwell, we essentially could glide it down the carpeted stairs and out the front door. there we flipped it back upright and carried it down my front stoop, around the corner and into my garage where i had cleared a spot to the left of my car for it to find its ultimate resting place (thank goodness for a two-car garage). we reattached the feet and gave the cushions a good fluff before returning them to their proper place as well (of course not before clearing out the hidden popcorn kernels we found buried beneath. whoopsies).

all things considering, i was quite proud of our re-locating endeavors. i mean, aside from a slight knick on the wall and a smashed middle finger (mine), we had made a successful transport of one ikea couch. because, lest i remind you of a little friends episode where we all learned the word “PIVOT!” things could have been a lot worse. and the couch could have ended up split in two (would we have had to sell it as two love seats instead?).


image via: apartment therapy.

image via: apartment therapy.


thankfully, we don’t have to think about what could have been. all that is left to do now is wait for our buyer to come retrieve their new sofa, pocket the proceeds, and get moving on ordering my new couch, chair, and ottoman.



couch in garage


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