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have you seen the newest nike commercial?



it’s kind of amazing, no?

the campaign, entitled #betterforit is the brainchild of widen + kennedy, nike’s advertising agency and it’s the swoosh’s largest women’s campaign ever. nike says the focus of the campaign is “supporting and motivating women’s athletic journeys”; “powering [women] to be better through services, product innovation and athlete inspiration, motivating each other to push to the next level.”

there’s no doubt this specific spot, “inner thoughts” strikes a cord with anyone who has struggled to get through a workout. i know i can definitely empathize with the girl running her half marathon, thinking she was halfway finished only to look down at her distance tracker and learn she had run just two miles. and though studio barre is a little different than yoga, i can tell you the inner dialogue from the gal in yoga class very closely resembles the thoughts that run through my head during any given 5:30 p.m. studio barre class.

i think we’ve all had that moment during a workout when we thought, “i’m over this, let’s go get a starbucks and a pedicure.” but what this campaign reminds us is that if we push through, go just a few minutes longer, a few miles further, in the end,

we’re #betterforit.

(and the starbucks and pedicure will be waiting on the other side).

image via ad week


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