it’s friday, i’m in love || 5/15/15

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it’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. i realize we’re just weeks away from memorial day (what i believe to be the unofficial kick-off to summer), so i should be sad about the absence of sunny & 72-type weather, but there’s just something about a good old-fashioned rainy day/weekend that i kind of love. mostly for the fact that you can completely justify staying in your pjs all day, curled up on, say, your new oversized chair & ottoman, while finishing up the final season of  breaking bad and snacking on popcorn. anyway, aside from our date with walter white and jesse pinkman, S and i have a relatively open weekend. i’m teaching my regular saturday morning classes as well as subbing the sunday morning 7:15/8:25 a.m. set, but other than those responsibilities, these next few days are our oyster.

which reminds me, there’s a stack of unread instyle magazines on my coffee table with my name on them…

so before you brave the raindrops, here’s a peek into the things i loved this week. enjoy!

one || peony season. my favorite posy is BACK in season and in stock at trader joe’s. momma had a big bouquet of her own blooming on the counter when we visited her on sunday and it definitely inspired me to stop by sometime this weekend and pick up a bunch of my own.




seriously, is there anything cheerier?

two || i didn’t choose the rug life, the rug life chose me. the new living room rug arrived this week and as hoped, it’s beautiful. i don’t know if i’m overly emotional about making progress on redecorating my home, but y’all, as S and i rolled it out and tucked it beneath the ottoman, i nearly cried tears of joy. who knew a new rug had that kind of power? the room slowly feels like it’s coming together. i can’t wait to get a fresh coat of paint on the walls and for sofa 2.0 to arrive at the end of the month.


new rug!


three || they’re back, pitches. anna, brittany, rebel and the gang are BACK in a second installment of acapella antics. so in honor of pitch perfect 2’s release this weekend, S and i plan on picking up a copy of the original from redbox tonight. to my surprise, he has never seen it, so i’m making him watch it in hopes that we can see the sequel in the coming weeks. with the rainy weather forecasted for tonight, a movie night in with some delicious takeout sounds aca-awesome, don’t you think?




four || in sync. speaking of miss kendrick, we recorded a few episodes of spike TV’s breakout hit, lip sync battle last week. after nixing the show from the regular rotation, i was glad we decided to give it another shot because otherwise, we would have missed out one of my favorite battles to date. it was an episode featuring john krasinski versus anna kendrick. after each turning out entertaining first rounds (krasinski did ‘n sync’s “bye bye bye” (a classic, obvi) and kendrick went in a different direction –one direction that is), it came down to the final battle. the results were, well, just watch for yourself.



there are just some things you can’t unsee. and also, is there anything anna can’t do?

p.s. the anne hathaway vs. emily blunt battle is also very amusing (two words: wrecking ball).

five || ladylike lace. in perusing anthropologie’s website earlier this week, i came across the cutest feminine blouse. i love how the site styled it with a pair of casual trousers but i can’t help but think it would look equally as chic when paired with a pencil skirt and pumps. i’ve placed it on my birthday wishlist in hopes that it finds its way home with me next month. fingers crossed 😉


les fleurs lace top


six || 50 shades of grey. as i referenced in item two, after getting the rug in this week and with the new sofa on its way, the living room is really starting to come together. last weekend, while S and i were out and about, we stopped by home depot to peruse paint samples. talk about 50 shades of grey. there were so many options! brown grey, blue grey, purple grey, green grey. i swear,  my eyes were going crossed-eyed from trying to decipher the tiny nuances of each color. we ended up grabbing three different samples and taped them to the wall when we got home. i felt like goldilocks. the middle one was too blue, the far left -too dark, so after staring at the final option all weekend long, glidden paint’s “universal grey” finally won our favor. S picked up a baby can after work one day and we painted a larger swatch to hold up to the wall for reference. seeing it larger than a 2″ x 2″ square helped to solidify the decision. #YOLO WE’RE GOING FOR IT. operation paint the living room will (probably) commence this weekend and i can’t wait to see the final product.




*(this isn’t my bathroom, just an example of a room painted in “universal grey”)

on that note, please stay safe on the roads today and have yourself a fabulous weekender.

all my love,


top image hanna stefansson

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