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S&S painting


#operationredecoration made large strides over the weekend as S and i rolled up our sleeves and got to painting my living room. as previously mentioned, we settled upon “universal grey” from glidden paint’s collection. along with the gallon of paint, S had picked up a starter kit with rollers and tray at his last trip to home depot, so when i got home from class on saturday afternoon, we were all set to go.

we took a divide and conquer kind of approach. S basically outlined the entire room with a paint brush (around corners and light switches) and i came through with a roller and filled in the middle. though this wasn’t my first time painting a room, i had certainly forgotten how much hard work it really is. my arms and back were so sore by the end!

despite a few minor mishaps (that can certainly be amended when we go back through for touch-ups), the whole endeavor was relatively seamless and only took a few hours. i already love how the room looks juxtaposed against the grey chair and ottoman, and once the new couch arrives, i think my vision for the space will really take shape.

when i step back and think about the big picture of redecorating my house, i find myself anxious and overwhelmed. but in breaking down the project into smaller pieces -tackling one room at a time, the whole endeavor seems less daunting. it’s like that question of, “how to eat an elephant?”

you eat it one bite at a time.

here’s to finishing this first bite and the dozen more to follow. i can’t wait to share in the progress!


S painting

S painting2


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  • Aunt Teresa
    May 19, 2015

    Looks very nice. Pictures of your progress would be lovely. It will be like we’re there right with you but without the sore arms and back!

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