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it’s ironic really that just as i’m transforming my home interior from beach side shabby chic to a more rustic-inspired neutral palette that i would fall in love with these playful prints by acclaimed photographer, gray malin. despite having his work splattered across my pinterest dashboard for months, i’ve only recently paused to admire more closely his brightly colored beachscapes. perhaps his work offers a quick reprieve from the may grey coma we’ve all found ourselves under for the past few weeks, or better yet, maybe it’s time to plan S and my next vacation -this time somewhere warm, sunny, and tropical.

whatever the reason, i can’t help but smile when i look through his photographs. in the words of gray himself, his photography is “about capturing a moment you want to live within.”

it’s safe to say, i’d gladly live in any of the following.




bondi beach (sydney, australia)




marouba bay swimmers (sydney, australia)




monterosso umbrellas (cinque terra, italy)




barcelona beach umbrellas (barcelona, spain)




north avenue beach (chicago, illinois)




southampton umbrellas (southampton, new york)




coogee wave (sydney, australia)

p.s. read more about gray here.

all images via gray malin

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  • Aunt Teresa
    May 21, 2015

    I’d never heard of Gray Malin before today. Thank you for introducing us!
    The photos of his work are fun and relaxing. I think I’ll snag them for Zen moments. The family will enjoy getting lost in his day dreams.
    Have a colorful, relaxing day, m’dear.

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