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floral romper


if you follow me on instagram, you know that monday was a big day. if “big days” can be defined by bargain shopping and wardrobe additions (which of course they can). since i have to work for a few hours on saturday for the club’s big 4th of july bash, i was given monday off as compensation which meant a whole free day at my disposal. naturally, i did what any gal would do, i went shopping. not only that, but i had my best gal (momma) in tow.

we ventured down to fashion valley to make a couple of exchanges and peruse a few of my favorite stores. as we entered in the the hallowed halls of anthropologie, we were greeted by its signature scent -a mixture of volcano candles and over-priced apparel as well as news that all sale items were an additional 20% off. as if we needed more incentive to shop, psh. i scoured the sale racks for anything that caught my eye. as i sifted through a rack of dresses, i spotted the familiar silk floral fabric of a romper i had fallen in love with since first seeing it at the store months before. originally priced near $200, even i couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on an adult onesie at the time. so i waited, like i do with most items at this particular store, hoping, wishing, praying that someday it would go on sale. turns out, my patience had paid off.

i pulled the solitary romper from the rack, restraining my excitement upon the realization that it was not only indeed my size, but more importantly, now a fraction of its original cost. if my mental math served me, coupled with the additional discount, the garment was now well within my romper budget (yes, i have a budget for rompers, doesn’t everyone?). the only thing left to do was try it on so i headed to the dressing room to seal my fate. i slipped the light fabric up over my lady bits and admired myself in the mirror. between the ruffle detailing and the pockets and the fact that i pretty much felt like a goddess in it, i knew the romper and i had been destined from the beginning.

i changed back into my non-romper clothes and headed to the register to officially make the floral frock mine. after applying the discount, an anthropologie gift card i had received from S’s parents as a christmas gift, two additional visa gift cards (also christmas gifts), my grand total was (drum roll, please)…


yep, essentially i scored the romper of my dreams for less money than a big mac. which is fine because i don’t eat those anyway.

anywho, let this be a lesson to you. if you see something at anthropologie just out of budget-range, keep tabs on it periodically. chances are, it will eventually go on sale and when it does, you’ll be ready to snatch it up. maybe not for $1.03 but in the very least at a cost much lower than the original tag.

p.s. i think i found what i’m wearing for friday’s anniversary dinner!


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