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on our second date, S and i met for sushi. having previously bragged about my large appetite, S assumed we would be ordering every roll on the menu. but for whatever reason, i clammed up — it was only our sophomoric meeting after all. i think when all was said and done we ended up only splitting two rolls. needless to say we both went home hungry that night.

fast-forward a year and some change and i’m no longer shy about the amount of food i can put away in one sitting. in fact, as i’ve alluded to before, our to-go order from our favorite sushi restaurant usually leads them to believe we’re feeding a family of four, not two (based on the number of chopsticks they include). so given the size of our so-called “sushi stomachs,” S and i declared this saturday’s date night “all you can eat sushi night.”

we ventured over to mister sushi in encinitas and bellied up to the bar where kim, the resident sushi chef fulfilled our unlimited requests over the course of an hour’s time. when all was said and done, we probably each consumed approximately four rolls -a fete that left us satisfied but not uncomfortably full. and thanks to the magic of tamari (gluten-free soy sauce), our sushi excursion was kind to my insides, too.

here’s a sampling of what we enjoyed:

(my personal favorite was the spider roll featuring soft-shelled crab. i may or may not have made audible “mmmm” noises after each bite.)

hawaiian roll on left, california roll on right




tiger on the left, el fuego on the right (i’m going to let you guess who had these…)




shrimp tempura on the left, spider (my favorite!) on the right




vegetable roll (surprisingly my least favorite)




the dragon roll capped off the evening




let’s just say we’ve come a long way since date #2.

  • Mom
    July 14, 2015

    These rolls look good! Maybe I need to broaden my palette horizon!

  • Aunt Teresa
    July 14, 2015

    First… Mmmm.
    Next, the serving plates add to the presentation.
    Another next, your shorts are adorable.
    Last, you make a great couple.

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