date night at costco

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costco date


S and i enjoy the finer things in life. things like playing tennis, exploring unfamiliar places, and costco chicken caesar salads.

so with a free evening at our disposal and plenty of time before the MOST DRAMATIC men tell all, S and i had a good old fashioned date night

at costco. 

truth be told, i was also in need of some new venus razor cartridges, but smooth legs aside, the real driving force for our visit was the delicious concession food. because nothing cures a case of the mondays more than a whole pepperoni pizza.

we ordered our salad and pizza before we ventured inside to shop. just a little tip for anyone placing a similar order –half of carlsbad has the same idea, so the pizza pick-up window gets backed up worse than the i5 at the via de la valle exit. if you place your order immediately before you grab a cart, it’ll be all ready to go by the time you come back out. no fuss, no waiting!

along with the razor re-fills, we picked up an 8-pack of extra polar ice gum, not one but two giant bags of our favorite popcorn, and a value pack of make-up remover wipes. so basically all we care about is beauty/hygiene, fresh breath, and snacks. yep, sounds about right.

anyway, it was a fun little outing on an otherwise manic monday. especially since a little cart-riding was also involved.


cart riding1

cart riding2


so maybe mondays aren’t so bad after all.


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