it’s friday, i’m in love || 7/31/15

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2014,May, Photo Shoot Rancho Bernardo Winery 435


it’s the weekend, it’s the weekend! happy friday, loves! at long last S and my san francisco trip has arrived and i can’t wait to pack up our stuff and head down to charles lindbergh this afternoon. but before i do, here are the six items that had me smitten all week long:

one || dress well, swing well. after searching three stores, S and i finally tracked down a new golf ensemble for yours truly last week — just in time for another outing at the range. after striking out at both nike and puma, we finally found a reasonable selection at the adidas outlet. obviously i opted for the skirt with a ruffle and a top in highlighter pink. S will never have to worry about losing me on the course! at the time my new golf kicks had not yet arrived, but i’m happy to report that they have since graced my doorstep and i can’t wait to put everything together in a few weeks after we return from our mini vacation this weekend.


golf outfit


two || jeb turns two! my sweet nephew turned two yesterday (how is that possible, weren’t we just celebrating his first birthday?) so last sunday family and friends gathered to celebrate his second trip around the sun. he’s all boy and currently into trucks, shoes, food, and clapping. he sure is sweetness personified.





three || blogosphere buddies. albeit a tad bit strange, the blogging community is a beautiful thing. despite never having met IRL, i feel as though i “know” so many of my fellow bloggers. which now that i think about it is kind of creepy but i like to think of it more as endearing. anyway, the other day i began noticing that jen pinkston of one of my favorite blogs the effortless chic had begun liking my daily outfit photos (via my style account @stylebyshawna). i may or may not have squealed in delight upon said realization. with a following that totals well into the thousands, i was overjoyed by the thought of her taking interest in little ol’ me. in a moment of courage, i decided to email jen to share my gratitude in her (almost) daily “likes.” and her response was just what i hoped it would be –so sweet and genuine. she even told me she loved my style! consider my week MADE.


the effortless chic


four || living like we’re renegades. song crush of the week: X ambassador’s “renegades.” now that it’s featured in a jeep commercial, it’s bound to be on its way to “blurred lines” status (see also: terribly overplayed), but for now it is my JAM and if you happen to pull up next to me at a stoplight while it’s playing on the radio, i’m about 99% positive i’m car dancing along.



five || curated cotton. discovering this next thing didn’t actually happen this week, but it’s definitely still worth sharing. a girl i went to high school with (shelly) and one of her college besties (paige) started a clothing company called curated cotton. between paige’s graphic design talents and shelly’s experience with fashion and styling, they have created a small (for now) collection of unique t-shirts that are the perfect piece to spice up your wardrobe. my personal favorite is the black saguro tank with a festive cactus design but i also think the brushstroke cactus tee is adorable tucked into a gingham skirt (as it’s styled on the home page). if you’re looking to step-up your t-shirt game, check out curated cotton. also, three cheers for these boss ladies starting their own business!


curated cotton


six || to the bay with my bae. all our bags are packed, we’re ready to go… S and i are san francisco bound in t-minus four hours and i am beside myself with excitement. per usual, M & M have an amazing weekend planned with trips to some of my favorite san fran spots as well as a day excursion in napa!


golden gate bridge


on that note, you can check in on all of our wine country shenanigans by following me on instagram @shawnaleeann. otherwise, stay tuned for a recap next week.

have a great weekend!


image credits: three // five // six

  • Shelly Bishop
    August 8, 2015

    Shawna, so sweet of you to share this! I actually saw it a week ago when I was on the road, and have been meaning to say thank you. So glad you like the tees, and we really appreciate you helping us get the word out. We are currently working on Fall designs so stay tuned 🙂 Also, I had never heard the renegade song before, but really like it, and will add to my playlist.


    • snadelman
      August 10, 2015

      Hey Lady! Of course –I’m just so proud of you and what you’re doing! I’ll be anxious to see the Fall designs 🙂 Hope all is well in TX, sending lots of love and well wishes your way. And yay for new music finds! It’s a good one for sure.


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