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simple jewelry


i mentioned last week that i used to be the queen of over-accessorizing. to me, more was more. as i’ve gotten older, i’ve found the value in simplifying my wardrobe to include only pieces i absolutely love -right down to the jewelry i wear on a daily basis. while i love a good statement necklace as much as the next girl, my style as of late has been centered around more minimalist pieces that can be worn everyday -whether i’m running around town on the weekend in a t-shirt and jeans, or dressing up in a pencil skirt and heels for a meeting at the office. below are my current favorites:


simple jewelry for day & play


emerson tassel necklace { natalie borton } || if you haven’t heard, tassels are taking the jewelry world by storm this season.  with origins dating all the way back to the 16th century, the tassel detail adds both a sophistication and individuality to any outfit. just last month, my dear friend natalie (also of thoughts by natalie) launched her own handmade jewelry line. in addition to some beautiful gemstone pieces, i am completely smitten with her emerson tassel necklace. natalie’s jewelry is simple, minimalist, and chic -just like natalie herself. and with the holidays literally right around the corner, natalie’s designs would make great gifts for your special someone!

style tip for day: with enough visual interest on its own, the emerson necklace is the perfect compliment to a crisp white sweater and jeans (see how natalie styled it here).

style tip for play: for the perfect holiday party ensemble, pair the emerson necklace with your favorite little black dress, heels, and a bold red lip.


floating arrow necklace { madewell } || growing up, i was a sterling silver girl through and through. to me, gold seemed dated, stuffy, dare i say it –old. my how times have changed. nowadays, my jewelry largely consists of gold metals (as evidenced in the piece directly below), though i’d be lying if i said i don’t still hold onto a few silver pieces for nostalgia and their versatility. when i spotted this floating arrow necklace at madewell a few weeks back, i loved the fact that it boasted both gold and silver in its design. now when i put together an outfit, i don’t have to choose gold or silver, i can just have both.

style tip for day: my favorite way to style the floating arrow necklace for day is with a chambray button-down. i just love the juxtaposition of the metallics against the light blue chambray fabric, it really makes them pop! (see how i styled it here).

style tip for play: though simplistic in its design, you can easily elevate the floating arrow necklace by tossing it over a silk top, pairing it with this season’s hottest jean (high-waisted flares, ftw), and heeled booties. voila, instant date night look. (need more inspiration? i love how caitlin of dash of darling paired the necklace with a romper last spring. to make your romper fall-friendly, simply throw on a pair of tights, and grab your favorite leather jacket).


ensign necklace { madewell } || speaking of gold… this was not only one of my very first jewelry purchases at madewell, it was also one of my first purchases ever at the store. i was immediately drawn to the simplicity of the design, the length of the chain (longer chain lengths can give the flattering illusion of an elongated neck), and of course, the gold metal. aside from my pearl stud earrings that i only take off to sleep (more on them in a minute), this is my second-most worn piece. in the future, i’m debating getting it engraved with a special date or initials.

style tip for day: aside from workout clothes and pajamas, i literally wear this with everything so the possibilities are endless! most recently, you saw it styled here -because you can never go wrong with a white tee and skinny jeans.

style tip for play: last christmas santa brought me the most beautiful gold mermaid skirt. whenever i wear it i feel like a princess, especially since i leave a trail of glitter wherever i go. since the skirt is a statement piece in and of itself, whenever i wear it, i always keep the rest of my accessories to a minimum. the ensign necklace gives a whisper of shine without trying to compete for attention. it’s the perfect accent piece of you plan on wearing a “wow” dress to your next event. (see the outfit here).


golden pearl stud earrings { banana republic } || i think there are two types of girls -the ones who wear diamonds and the ones you opt pearls. i subscribe to the latter group. ever since college i think, i’ve adopted pearls as my signature earring. to me, they have always evoked a subtle sophistication. on a trip to santa barabara two years ago, my mom and i stopped into banana republic where i found this pair of ivory studs, set in gold, with the tiniest diamond detail. they were the perfect size and shape and since then, the only times i take them off are to shower and sleep.

style tip for day: i’m not exaggerating when i say i wear my pearls everywhere. i’ve worn them to run half marathons, to teach barre class, to do makeup-less coffee runs at starbucks, and to every occasion in between. personally, i love my pearls oversized because i feel like they balance out the shape of my face, but choose a size that best suits you. no matter the situation –even if my hair or teeth aren’t brushed as i wait for my barista to pour my iced coffee, if i’m at least wearing my pearls, i still feel somewhat presentable.

style tip for play: channel your inner audrey hepburn by pairing pearl studs with a matching pearl necklace and little little black dress. you’ll look chic, classic, and sophisticated, just like ms. hepburn herself.


sparkle stud earrings { banana republic } || though i just declared that i’m team pearl, there are certain occasions when only a bit of sparkle will do. for those times, i’m glad i have a pair of cubic zirconias in my jewelry arsenal.

style tip for day: you know the saying -diamonds (or fake diamonds) are a girl’s best friend. accordingly, they go with everything from a tank and cut-off jeans in the summer to boots, scarves, and sweaters in the fall. pair them with the ensign necklace for minimalist look.

style tip for play: pour on the bling at your next formal event by pairing your sparkle studs with a rhinestone statement necklace. with your jewelry so over the top, keep your outfit simple and streamlined (an LBD always works!).


mini parker nude leather strap watch { michael kors } || in elementary school, i wore a shark watch (remember those?) to tell the time. which was easy because it was digital and i didn’t have to worry if that was the minute hand or the hour hand i was looking at (telling time is hard, guys). nowadays, watches are almost obsolete. if i need to know what time it is, i’ll just look at my phone, obviously. unlike the shark watches of my youth, however, watches today are basically a functional bracelet. they offer dimension to an outfit, and as is the case with this one that i was gifted for my 29th birthday, a hint of sparkle.

style tip for day: the leather watch band on my michael kors watch begs to be paired with other pops of leather -whether it’s a braided camel-color belt, or english saddle-colored booties. for a chic day look, keep the rest of your outfit in the same neutral palette -think whites, creams, greys, and blacks.

style tip for play: with its diamond-crusted watch face, the mini parker is a perfect compliment to an evening look. similar to the floating arrow necklace, a statement watch can elevate a silk top and jeans from day to date. 


those are my current faves. i’m curious though, what are your favorite go-to jewelry pieces?


image credits:

emerson tassel necklace via thoughts by natalie
floating arrow & ensign necklaces via madewell
golden pearl and sparkle stud earrings via banana republic
mini parker nude leather strap watch via overstock


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