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man behind lens


if you’ve spent any time on social media this week, chances are you stumbled upon a funny video poking fun of the men behind their wives’ (or girlfriends’ in my case) instagram accounts. i was sent the link by a friend and after watching it (and literally laughing out loud), i can attest (regrettably so) that i have indeed made similar ridiculous requests to S in an effort of landing the perfect instagram-worthy shot.

so today i just want to give a shout out to my one and only. the man who puts up with weekend photo shoots and silly requests; the man who does his own, unprovoked research on how to better the quality of our photographs and who bought us our own home studio kit “just because” he thought it’d be fun to have. the man who waits patiently through outfit changes and make-up reapplications and the hours it takes to make this mane look like it does (it’s a FEAT, y’all). the man who in all seriousness makes this blog possible.

S, you’re the most patient, selfless, thoughtful person i know. thank you for being my photographer and my best friend. you make this venture 1,000 times more fun.

i love you with all i got!

  • Mom
    December 11, 2015


  • Aunt Teresa
    December 12, 2015

    Miss your ‘couple’ stories so this one really made my day. Love the both of you.

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