dear 2015

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happy new year’s eve, y’all! can you believe it’s already time to say goodbye to another year? in anticipation of its closing, i penned a little message (and recap of) to the year 2015. enjoy!

dear 2015,

you were a blur. i know that’s cliche to say but it’s honestly how i feel. somewhere between ringing in your beginning and celebrating christmas last week, nearly all of your 365 days transpired and it’s for this reason that i’m grateful to have a blog i can look through to remember all that i did/saw/experienced/ate/wore.

[though i have officially dedicated this space to showcase my personal style, doing a year-end recap is a fun tradition i started a few years ago (see 2014 & 2013) and it’s something i plan on continuing despite choosing to keep my private life, well, private.]

if i could elect one word to encapsulate you, 2015, it would be full. in every sense of the word. first and foremost you were literally full. working a 40-hour office job + teaching 5+ studio barre classes a week + maintaining a blog + fostering my relationship with S + sometimes seeing my family + the occasional travel weekend to see a bestie get married = i need a nap. accordingly, and embarrassingly to admit, there were meltdowns. there were tears for no reason or every reason and feelings that maybe just maybe i had grabbed one too many items off of life’s buffet to house on my plate. but there were just as many bear hugs from S and the assurance that everything would be okay. because everything eventually is and because maybe i’m also just a tad dramatic sometimes. in the very least, the literal fullness of life pushed me to further hone my time management skills, be okay with using the word “no,” and most importantly, give myself grace because news flash, i’m not superwoman (shoot, what am i going to do with this cape?).

on a less stressful note, you were also full in the emotional sense. maybe i’m getting sappier in my old(er) age but if there was ever a year to be reminded of the amazing people i have in my life, you were it (hello 30!). i celebrated nearly one and a half years with a man i know without a doubt was hand-selected by God to be mine, reinvigorated friendships i swore i had lost, and transformed simple acquaintances into champions and confidants. whoever said it’s tougher making friends after college clearly didn’t have a studio barre community to rely on. and then there’s my incredible family whose love, support, encouragement, and endless supply of laughter prove year after year that truly, i have the best home team around.

you were a year full of adventure, of new experiences, of lessons and growing pains. you were a year full of unexpected opportunities, tender moments, and countless episodes of a chef’s lifea year full of cute outfits, and mini milestones, diy-projects, and takeout sushi. a year full of tennis games and afternoons at the driving range, impromptu dance parties, and trips to target. and you were most definitely a year full of some really good stories to tell our grandchildren someday. much to my chagrin, you were also a year full of change. but the good kind of change that keeps you evolving into the woman that maybe you were always meant to become.

when it all boils down, 2015, you were a year full of love, laughter, and more blessings than i can count.

and for those reasons alone, you were one of the best years of my life.

so without further adieu, cue auld lang syne and grab a glass of bubbly. here comes the highlight reel.

twenty-fifteen, cheers to YOU:


in january, i


FullSizeRender (16)


adopted a new life mantra –“good for you, not for me”

went wine tasting in temecula because wine not?

and traveled to vancouver and seattle with my main squeeze to see what the pacific northwest was all aboooot


in february, i


View More:


discovered my new favorite flat

d-i-yed a restoration hardware-inspired bookshelf

showered a very special bride-to-be

and attempted a new hairstyle –the milkmaid braid


in march, i




caught beaver fever at belching beaver brewery

bought new living room furniture (little did S and i know the adventures that awaited us)

wrote an extra mushy post about S

did a photo shoot with S at leo carrillo ranch and finally revealed his true identity (though it was fun pretending he was tim riggins for nine months)

discovered that succulents are a shawna-proof plant


in april, i




celebrated easter with S and my parents

channeled my inner jordan spieth with a visit to the driving range (the first of many visits!)

visited the pomona swap meet and classic car show

and took my 300th studio barre class


in may, i




discovered the importance of measuring

(paint) rolled my living room with my homie

celebrated my mom’s birthday


in june, i




recapped my 29th year (and what a year it was!)

turned 30

celebrated said #flirtythirty with my love in santa barbara (recaps one & two)

and rang in my best friend’s birthday just nine days later


in july, i




bought a romper for $1.03

recapped S and my love story -from day one to day 365 (easily my favorite post of the entire year)

rang in america’s birthday and our first anniversary

celebrated a perfect summer date night at stone brewery

and gushed a little bit (or maybe a lot bit) about S’s diy skills


in august, i




traveled with S to san francisco/napa to visit two of my best friends (and tasted a lot of delicious wine!)

did a photo shoot with my new $1.03 romper (see above) and landed a feature on anthropolgie’s website!

got my feet wet with fashion blogging by styling a denim dress for day and for play


in september, i


charger game1


took S to balboa park for his first time

went to the charger’s season home opener with my favorite football fan (and sweat our tushies off!)

did my first product review for flyjoy bars

had a mini family reunion for my aunt’s birthday


in october, i




traveled with S to nashville for B’s wedding, y’all

wrote an article for darling magazine about turning 30 in the year 2015

styled one flannel, three ways (one, two, three)

made the decision to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time fashion blogger

and hit the ground running styling pieces for “day and play”

i also hosted my first madewell event and had a blast sharing my passion for (madewell) fashion with my friends

p.s. my favorite shoot from october


in november, i




welcomed the flare jean into my closet

celebrated thanksgiving with my family + S

as well as our (S & my) 16 month anniversary (because the small milestones deserve to be celebrated, too!)

and posted my very first holiday gift guides (for her, for him & for me!)

p.s. my favorite photo shoot of november


and finally,


in december, i


IMG_6763 (2)


proved that dressing for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful

collaborated with three of the internet’s most stylish ladies:

  • conni of art in the find
  • jen of linen, lace & love 
  • natalie of thoughts by natalie

gave credit where credit is due (S is the man behind the lens and i’m lucky to have him as my photographer and best friend)

celebrated two of my barre besties’ 500th class (here & here)

and survived four christmas celebrations with my favorite teammate (minus one broken toe)

p.s. my favorite photo shoot of december


at the end of the day, no matter how busy, stressful, challenging or full life can be at times, it is too sweet to not be anything but grateful. so as i say so-long to you and anxiously await the adventures 2016 has in store, i am humbled by God’s goodness, providence, faithfulness, and love.

happy new year’s eve, y’all.

and to 2015 —thanks for being one helluva year.

clear eyes, full hearts, [champagne toasts] can’t lose.

love always,


  • Mom
    December 31, 2015

    Love it!❤️

  • Aunt Teresa
    December 31, 2015

    I remember you sharing each of those events. It was fun looking back on wonderful you and your fabulous year. (And welcome, 2016… we’ve waited a year for you.)

    • snadelman
      December 31, 2015

      What a wonderful year it has been! Happy New Year to you and the family. Love you!

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