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baby shawna bikini


with our la quinta trip just around the corner and with warmer temps (hopefully) on the horizon, i can’t help but start thinking about what i’ll be packing for our desert getaway. aside from my panama hat, my polka dot jumpsuit and lots of spf 50, if i plan on getting some color on this pasty bod, i know one other garment i’ll be packing is a swimsuit (shudder). recently on instagram, i admitted that i hadn’t put on a bathing suit in upwards of a year and a half. despite last summer being one of the hottest on record, i never made it to the beach or even, sadly, my neighborhood pool. so i’m looking to change things this year, starting with our little layover in la quinta.

luckily, though only late january, the stores are full of barely-there bikinis just waiting for me to try on under the flattering (cough, sarcasm) fluorescent dressing room lights. here are a few styles i have my eyes on at my favorite place to buy swimsuits, target (the only place i shop for swimsuits)-including some one pieces i might try for a more sophisticated look. if you’ve never considered the bullseye for your swimsuit needs, not only are their styles extremely affordable (why must we spend all the monies for a tiny piece of fabric?), they come in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and sizes -which is convenient if you’re like me and what you lack on top is made up for on the bottom 😉

now if you’ll excuse me, i’m off to get a spray tan.

p.s. i’m actually wearing a teeny tiny polka dot bikini from target in the picture above, circa 1987.


target swimwear


scallop bow bandeau top & scallop hipster bikini bottom {vanilla beach} || scallops aren’t just for potatoes, kids, they are trending yet again this spring. i love the feminine touch the scallop detailing gives this bandeau and matching bottom set. for someone who is small-chested bandeaus give the illusion that there’s more than meets the eye. but most importantly, bandeaus are great for one reason alone: no tan (or sunburn) lines! target’s vanilla beach brand is killing it this season with budgetary takes on upscale brands. this bikini is nearly identical to marysia’s antibes style which costs over six times as much. p.s. it also comes in hot pink.

triangle tieback bikini & high waist bikini bottom { tori praver seafoam } || one of the things i love most about target is everything their collaborations with high-end brands (prabal gurung, lily pulitzer, who what wear (coming on january 31st) to name a few). because not everyone has a money tree growing in their backyard, you know? (unless that baby lime tree is hiding something…) target’s mini-collections are the perfect way to snag a top design but at a fraction of the price. when it comes to swimwear, tori praver has made quite the name for herself in the industry. her designs reflect her native california roots and hawaii upbringing but at over $100 per piece, they aren’t necessarily accessible to the everyday gal. so i love that her tori praver seafoam collection sold exclusively at target still captures her boho beach vibe but at a more attainable price point. i’m kind of obsessed with not only the high-waisted cut of these bikini bottoms but their buttery mocha brown hue, too. i’m hoping it would make this pale girl look a little more bronze.

strappy midi bikini top & fold over hipster bikini bottom { mossimo } || because stripes. but also because i love how this top gives off a sportier vibe. in a pinch, it could totally act as a sports bra on laundry day. i love the classic black and white color scheme and the fact that its straps are adjustable. while you could go for a matching striped bottom, i’d rather downplay the junk in my trunk with solid black.

scalloped high neck one piece { vanilla beach } || another scalloped vanilla beach gem. i probably haven’t worn a one-piece since, um, i still had gapped front teeth (see 1993) but i am in love with high neckline of this suit and how it shows off the scalloped detailing (similar to the bandeau above) so well. reviews mention this isn’t the most practical suit to ever be created (in other words, it’s more for lounging and not swimming) as it isn’t lined, not to mention the sizing seems to be a bit of an issue, but by golly is it cute.

flounce one piece { mossimo } || what would this post be without a little ruffle? not one written by me, that’s what. and yes, it’s another one piece. unlike the one above, this neckline leaves little to the imagination. the deep v’ed ruffle adds a little sex appeal to an otherwise classic cut. i’m intrigued.

black dot midi bandeau bikini toptab side bikini bottom { xhilaration } || you know if we had a stripe and a ruffle, a polka dot was not far behind. i actually own a version of this suit and i love it. the cut of this bikini top is very similar to an actual bra, ensuring there are no wardrobe malfunctions while you’re soaking up the sun. while opting for white bottoms feels like playing with fire, i love how they look when paired with the dots on top. perhaps like the scalloped one piece, this would be a lounging suit, not a swimming one.


and there you have it, my top target picks for this season’s swimwear. if i’m feeling really daring i just may pay the bullseye a visit this weekend to try on a few styles in person. otherwise, i’ll opt for online shopping because the lighting in my bedroom is much more forgiving.


all photos courtesy of target’s website

  • Mom
    January 28, 2016

    I love the third one. I think this one would be so flattering. I like the fifth one piece also

  • Mom
    January 28, 2016

    I meant the fifth suit, which is a one piece the flounce. Your descriptions are perfect, and so you!

  • Aunt Teresa
    January 29, 2016

    I like the striped bikini (#3).

    • snadelman
      January 29, 2016

      I think that’s the consensus. I love how classic it is!

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