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much like my style, my beauty routine has definitely evolved over the years. in high school, my caboodle was basically a condensed version of the MAC make-up counter and as a cheerleader, there was never a shortage of highlighter, red lipstick, and glitter, yes glitter. oof. in college, i definitely learned to ease off the eye shadow and rouge, but my blonde ambition was taken to extremes (we were, in my defense, just coming out of the golden age of britney, my idol at the time). now over a decade later (<– don’t mind me, just feeling super old), i’d say i’m pretty minimalist when it comes to my beauty routine. i’ve swapped name brand skincare for lesser known all-natural varieties (i LOVE acure products, they are great for my ultra-sensitive skin), become religious about sunscreen, and with the exception of my beloved waterproof l’oreal voluminous mascara in carbon black (i swear up and down by it), have become quite loyal to bareminerals for their gentle formulas and neutral color palettes.

but that doesn’t mean i don’t like exploring new products every now and again! i personally love hearing about what products my friends (and by friends i often mean “internet friends”) swear by, even if they don’t work on my specific skin tone and coloring. so after hearing about stowaway cosmetics and reading its praises all over the internet for nearly the last year, i finally ordered a few products to try on my own.

if you haven’t heard about stowaway -it’s a cosmetic company started by chelsa crowley and julie fredrickson, two friends who saw a need for make-up that would fit into a woman’s lifestyle, not the other around. they’ve cut out the middle-man to bring consumers the “right-sized,’ premium products at an affordable price. so [we] finally have makeup [we] love in sizes [we] can carry.” literally, they can be “stowed away” (get it?) in a purse or wallet for use throughout the day. it’s genius.

stowaway focuses on seven products -their radiant complexion beauty balm, creaseless concealer, cheek & lip rouge, creme lipstick, effortless eyeliner, extreme lash mascara, and define lash mascara. since i’m fairly loyal to my eye products as of now (that could change in the future, of course), my first order included three products: the beauty balm (in fair), creaseless concealer (also in fair) and the cheek & lip rouge pot (in burnt rose). below are my honest opinions.





radiant complexion beauty balm in fair

for someone who shies away from heavy foundation coverage, i love the light-weight formula of the bb cream. a little definitely goes a long way! the fair shade was perfect for my pale skin but not too light to leave me feeling like snow white. it offers adequate coverage without being heavy. i actually really love the fact that it shows off my freckles that often go unseen. the only drawback is the fact that it doesn’t have a built in spf like other bb creams i’ve tried, BUT i already start my day off with a layer of spf 40 anyway.


creaseless concealer in fair

after turning 30 last year, i have definitely noticed that skipping sleep to watch an extra episode of house of cards can’t be remedied with just an extra cup of coffee the next morning. the lack of zzz’s ends up on my face in the form of some serious bags. so, i’ve actually been looking to find a good concealer to add to my repertoire. much like their bb cream, a little goes a long way with stowaway’s creaseless concealer. it went on super smoothly beneath my eyes and around my chin to smooth out fine lines, dark spots, and the occasional blemish leftover from a week of crazy hormones (thanks, body!). it’s the tiniest miracle worker i’ve ever met.




cheek & lip rouge pot in burnt rose

i love a good two-in-one product. not only is it more bang for your buck, it also means less time getting ready in the morning (and more time spent sleeping!). when it comes to blush, i tend to pick light pink/peachy tones but instead opted for the richer burnt rose hue for a more natural “flushed” look. i actually think it looks more flattering with my features. the great thing about the product is that it’s fairly sheer so it’s not zero to clown in two seconds flat. you can layer the product to create a darker hue, or use sparingly to achieve a more subtle glow. the pot works for both your cheeks and your lips and the creamy consistency makes application a breeze. i’m up with the dawn but even though i applied the rouge to both my cheeks and lips at 5:30 a.m. in the morning, it lasted well into my evening, and even survived studio barre class. i’d definitely be interested in trying it in a lighter shade for an alternative this summer.

aside from the effectiveness of the products themselves in coverage and color, it’s important to note that stowaway cosmetics are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and EU compliant (the US bans only 11 items in cosmetics but Europe bans over 1,300 items in their cosmetics, so stowaway goes above and beyond what’s required to ensure their products are of the highest-quality). having had sensitive (and acne-prone) skin all my life, i’m always very mindful with what touches my face. thankfully, the natural formulas have been well-received by my fickle epidermis. hooray!




so final verdict? i think i’m in love. as long as my skin continues to respond well to the formulas, i think i’m now a stowaway convert! next up on my stowaway wish list is a couple of their creme lipsticks. if the easter bunny is reading this, i love the champagne, peony, and scarlet shades.

thanks for reading and for enduring close-ups of my face!

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  • Aunt Teresa
    March 12, 2016

    Very pretty you are! I enjoyed your honest assessment. The rouge product is a nice color for your skin tone.

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