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so we’ll just officially crown this the week of THE dress (you know, that white one i’ll be wearing in eight months?) because in addition to today’s post, as i mentioned on friday, i’ll also be sharing a first-hand account of the entire bridal experience itself, so brace yourselves, darlings, it’s going to heavy on the wedding dress talk for a few days (hopefully that excites you and if not, i apologize in advance and regular programming should resume next week).

with that said, i figured it might be fun to share what i actually wore to my appointments and my reasoning for it, mostly because if you ever find yourself in this position (and i really hope you do, if only for the fact that trying on dresses is truly one of the most favorite things i’ve ever done), i hope my personal account can assist you in some way. or in the very least offer you a break from whatever work you’re supposed to be doing right now but are avoiding. i feel ya.

ANYWAY, without further ado, tips to consider before you go wedding dress shopping.

[side note before we start: all opinions are my own based on my personal experiences. if you want to wear pink underwear and wear a turtleneck, by all means, you do you!]




madewell top || madewell jeans || madewell belt || j.crew factory flats (similar)





opt for nude undergarments. so you’re just going to have to trust me on this one, but i did, in fact, heed my own advice. you’d think this would be instinctual given the fact that wedding dresses are traditionally white and therefore semi-sheer, but then i remember how many times i’ve gone shopping for a new white skirt or top and ended up in the dressing room too embarassed to emerge because somehow i thought it was best to opt for my blue polka dot panties that morning. in all seriousness though, having undergarments that match your skintone will help you focus on the dress itself and how it look and feels on your body (as opposed to how embarrassing it is to have your entourage know that your bra has little hearts all over it). if you’re really paranoid like i am, you can even lay out your entire outfit the night before (yes, down to the undergarments) to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

speaking of wardrobe malfunctions…

wear something that’s comfortable and easy to get in and out of. i don’t know about you, but i hate pulling things over my head. i’m always super paranoid i’m going to get makeup on the collar, or my coiffed eyebrows will suddenly go rogue, or worse still, that my perfectly positioned pony tail will be knocked off its spot atop my head (high ponies are hard to come by, y’all). SO with all of that said, i either opt for things with very loose necklines (v-necks are my best friends) or stick to shirts that button-down the front. which brings me to this perfect summer striped crop top (you may remember it from pictures in my madewell event recap last week). keeping in mind that i would be taking on and off dresses all day, i wanted to keep my outfit fuss-free. a shirt with a few easy buttons would ensure that i could keep my hair and makeup in tact and a pair of high-waisted denim with lots of stretch would guarantee i would be comfortable in between appointments (and not worried about the wind blowing up a skirt while walking from the parking lot). i skipped a necklace since i feared it would be forgotten in a dressing room and instead opted for usual oversized pearl earrings since there’s a high probability i’ll be wearing them on our wedding day. i accessorized with a camel colored belt and…

segway to tip #3

bring comfortable shoes. i suppose there’s not a ton of walking involved in bridal appointments (other than the path you take from the dressing room to the little pedestal where everyone can ooh and ahh at your beauty), BUT if you plan on wearing your wedding dress with some serious 5″ stilettos, trust me, you’re going to want to end the day with some flats. those dogs will be barkin’!

for me, i opted for simple d’orsay flats because i knew i wanted to wear something similar to what i envision wearing with my dress on our big day (plus they are easy to slide on and off). there was no use wearing heels to my appointment or even trying on dresses with them since i know for a fact i won’t be wearing them on january 21st. since our ceremony will be held outside, the last thing i want to worry about is making tiny divots with my heel as i float down the aisle. say what you will about my shoe choice, but for the most important day of my life, i’m choosing comfort. plus give me a couple sips of champagne and staying upright in heels might be a challenge.

do your hair/makeup. if you’re the more au natural type or if you’re just one of those lucky ones who “woke up like this” and is a rachel mcadams doppelganger with bedhead and without a stitch of make-up, this section isn’t for you (and also, teach me your ways). BUT for me, who looks about twelve without makeup on, i think there’s some merit to going through your beauty routine when preparing for your appointments. i’m not saying hire a glam squad, but maybe do whatever you do normally when preparing for a date night with your fiance. i know i always put a little extra effort in when i know S has made plans for us to enjoy dinner out. in my experience, having my hair curled and makeup on helped me envision what i might look like on my actual wedding day. it brought the entire vision to life. and then i promptly broke into tears and was grateful i had opted for waterproof mascara that morning.

and finally,

like little orphan annie herself sang, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile.” so don’t forget to wear one to your appointment. there are few times in this life when things get to be all about you. but you guys, trying on wedding dresses is one of those magical times. you’ll sit in a satin robe as someone brings you champagne and your loved ones tell you how beautiful you look and it will be awesome.

smile, darling. it’s all happening!

  • Aunt Teresa
    May 23, 2016

    Those are all smart tips for the bride-to-be. Moms, on the other hand, need to bring lots of kleenex.

    • snadelman
      May 23, 2016

      Ha, I should have mentioned that. They were definitely needed at my appointment! xoxo

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