S & S wedding || a few miscellaneous updates

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yesterday i looked at my calendar and realized S and i have been engaged for exactly two months. which is crazy because wasn’t it just may? regardless, (as you’re well aware) we’ve wasted no time in solidifying the details for our big day.

in the last 60 days we’ve managed to book a venue, photographers, a dj, a videographer, our caterer, our wedding coordinators (who are also our florists) (more on all of them in future posts!), solidify the design for our invitations, register, i found my dream dress, and we even managed to create a wedding website (thanks to minted.com who makes it really easy to look like a professional website-maker). and while the last two months have been a whirlwind of appointments, email chains, and contracts, i’m not gonna lie, as a type A/ocd/list maker and planner, i feel like every check off the to-do list is one more big sigh of relief. from what i’ve heard it’s normal to feel crazed at the beginning of the process and at the end, in the weeks leading up to the wedding. so now that the big things have been booked, it’s back to enjoying this sweet season of life and throwing around the word “fiancé” as often as i can.

next month we have the privilege of taking our engagement photos with rachel and rico castillero, a photographer dream team that i’m beyond excited to meet in person after stalking them for years through social media (that doesn’t sound at all creepy). the plan is to take the photos here around sunset and seriously, we cannot wait! a week after that, we’ve have our tasting with our caterers, the wild thyme company, who, in addition to offering us samples of the appetizers and entress we’ve selected to serve during the reception, have also promised us a brownie tasting because heaven exists (and because we’re looking for alternative confections to wedding cake). needless to say, july can’t come soon enough.

perhaps the biggest item for discussion these days is where to take our honeymoon. while we were fairly set on taking a grecian holiday next fall, we’ve since had a change of heart. we’ve made the decision to find a locale a little closer to home. and by “home” i mean on this continent. at this time, we’re 99% sure we’ll be paying a visit to our kind neighbors to the north with a trip to quebec city. and if you know nothing about this historic city located along the st. lawrence river, just north of maine, you’re not alone. we, too knew very little about this place, when my mom mentioned it as a honeymoon alternative a few weeks ago. but with the help of google and many visits to tripadvisor.com, we’ve learned that not only is it touted as the perfect romantic getaway, its architecture, cobblestone streets, and old world charm also make it very reminiscent of europe. not to mention its heavy french influence -as in, we better brush up on our french before embarking there next summer. thankfully we’re a quick learn. look, i’ve already mastered the following phrase, “bonjour parlez-vous anglais?” (good morning! do you speak english?) because oops, i was a spanish major. but seriously, do yourself a favor and do a quick google search of this glorious city. chances are you’ll stumble upon a photo of this hotel which we’re pretty much enamored with and will probably end up booking for our honeymoon stay. why? because it’s a CASTLE.

anywho, those are the latest updates in our little wedding planning world. while it feels like i have all the time in the world to sit and practice my new signature now that the big ticket items have been solidified, i know i’ll blink and it’ll be christmas. so as i’ve mentioned before, i’m really trying to relish each moment. i want to reiterate how much it means to both S and i that you continue to show interest and support in this special chapter of our lives. we are excited to share in the fun little details with you so thank you for following along!

more updates to come! enjoy your weekend.


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  • Aunt Teresa
    June 24, 2016

    I loved this post. It IS fun to ‘travel’ along with you as the plans for your wedding and life together take shape.
    A castle… how romantic is that?! Enjoy planning, enjoy each other because it’s going to be here oh so quickly. And the romance continues….

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