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we interrupt our regular scheduled style programming to talk about another of my vices –coffee. i love the smell, the taste, the ritual of making  (or buying) a cup in the morning to officially start my day. and much like clothes, over the years, i have no doubt that a good portion of my income has been spent on fueling (pun intended) my coffee-drinking habit.

so in an interest in getting a handle on my starbucks spending habits, S and i were set on registering for a nespresso machine to use after the wedding. and then we thought, why wait until january to enjoy homemade coffee? so i pulled a few old bloomingdale’s gift cards together and magically had just enough to cover a nespresso vertuloine machine along with a few dozen coffee pods (my favorite pod flavors are the vanizio, caramelizio, and hazelino).

the first few days, the machine worked like a dream. i went to sleep excited to wake up in the morning to a cup of frothy goodness. then all of a sudden it seemed, our sweet machine started to malfunction. the coffee was watered down, there was no froth (the best part!), and i found myself running to starbucks again out of necessity. i just couldn’t not drink coffee. my co-workers (and the general public) certainly didn’t deserve that. long story short, after explaining our plight to the team at nespresso, they were absolutely AMAZING and ended up sending us a brand new machine (along with a few extra pods) so we could once again enjoying home-brewed coffee. and i’m happy to report (knock on wood), we haven’t had a problem since!

i share this story not out of obligation (this is not a sponsored post!), but rather to tout the customer service of a brand i have come to love. though a nespresso machine is a bit of investment, it eventually pays for itself. plus it has definitely kept my starbucks habits at bay ;). 


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