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happy september, y’all! while true fall weather is probably still a couple months away, any month with a “ber” in it automatically signifies a change in season in my book. so let me be the first to welcome you back to the best time of the year. oh layers, how i’ve missed you. though i still have quite a staples from last year that i’ll all too happy to unearth from the depths of my closet (looking at you ruffled sweaters), i’m also looking to treat myself to a few new items to work into the mix. here are my top five items on my fall wish list this year:


knit blazer || somehow i’ve made it ten years in the working world without ever owning a suit. why? because a) never really seen the need for one and b) i’ve never found one that i thought flattered my body. but recently my friend natalie wore a knit blazer over a button-down and denim shorts and i loved how chic it looked -despite the fact it was also very casual. maybe a blazer could be a functional piece in my everyday wardrobe? i think the key for me would be to find one in a soft, stretchy fabric like a jersey knit, that way i wouldn’t feel so confined. i’d probably recreate a similar style to natalie’s look, layering it over a plaid or chambray button-down and pairing it with skinny jeans and flats for the fall. it would also be a great way to get extra mileage out of some of my more summery dresses.


light-weight scarves || while i love a good blanket scarf for those rare cold, blustery days, i’ve also realized they all but swallow me whole. so in an interest in proving you can still show off your shape when piled under fall layers, i want to turn my focus this year to picking up a couple lighter-weight wraps. not only would they be a perfect accessory to jazz up a simple sweater and jeans, but being light-weight would allow them to transition right back into spring again next year.


versatile dresses || i feel like dresses are on my list every season but that’s because i can’t ever seem to find the right length or shape that best suits my body. since i like my dresses (and clothing in general) to be able to function in both my work and weekend wardrobes, i usually look for dresses with a mid-thigh to mid-calf hemline that way i can wear them even with my highest heels and still look appropriate. while a pretty print is always fun to sport during the drearier seasons, i think i’ll keep my eyes peeled for easy swing dresses in neutral colors and comfortable fabrics that can be remixed often with just the change of shoes and accessories. i am particularly loving this grey sweater dress.



(another) felt hat || i mean, let’s all stop pretending like i’m going to get a handle on my hat obsession any time soon. the way i see it, there will always be enough dirty hair days to warrant an arsenal of hats. one can only use so much dry shampoo. in all seriousness, i feel a little empowered when i wear a hat. for so many years i was scared that i couldn’t pull them off until i actually bought one and liked the way i looked in it and figured my opinion was the only one that mattered! nowadays i almost wear them like a badge of honor -the manifestation of overcoming a personal insecurity. and also to cover my dirty hair ;). since i already have a black and brown one, i love the idea of adding a cream or white one into the mix. because “no white after labor day” doesn’t exist in my world.


black wide-leg culottes || come fall and winter, my standard work uniform becomes a skirt, tights, and a blouse/sweater of some sorts. when i wear pants (if i ever do) to work, i usually hear about it -in a “wow, i never see you wear pants” kind of way. so as to shock my colleagues and, well, give my tights a day of rest, i am on the hunt for some chic wide-leg culottes (to ideally pair with these ballerina flats). i have seen them for the past two seasons now and i love how they define your midsection with their high-waisted cut and create a similar shape to that of an a-line dress. they’re adorable with a lace-up heel and would look equally as cute with a crisp white button-down for the office as they would with a striped tee and jean jacket for a casual weekend look.



in addition to the aforementioned items, i am also focusing on adding more navy and olive into my wardrobe. i am loving the ease and versatility of having a closet primarily made-up of neutrals, but am itching for a few more options than just the standard black, white, and grey. i love how well navy pairs with grey and olive with black so i’m hoping a few additions in these colors will breathe a little extra life into my fall ensembles.


what’s on your fall wish list this year?


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